“A Little Boy Healed of a Rare Blood Cancer”

Not long ago there was a young couple who lived in the UK who had a 3-year-old boy. They went to see relatives and came back home and the boy complained of leg cramps and fever. And the parents were worried and took him to one of the best children’s hospitals in London. And they did tests and found he had a rare form of blood cancer. But a miracle was about to take place.

In fact, this form of blood cancer was so rare that the doctors really didn’t know what to do… but tried different treatments anyway. The parents were distraught with grief that their baby had cancer. And the father was feeling very sad and decided to go for a walk and found a temple not far from the hospital and decided to go in and sit for a while. He ended up talking with one of the people who took care of the temple, and the man gave him a garland made of roses that were draped over a photo of one of the great gurus. He said the garland of roses was blessed by the guru and he should place the garland in the room near his child.

The father was overjoyed and walked back to the hospital and placed the rose garland on the bed. And then the little boy during the night seemed to get a little better. But when the doctors and the parents walked into the room the bed sheets were covered with blood… or so they thought. And they were panicked and started checking the little boy but the blood was not from the little boy it was coming from the roses. A blood-like substance was dripped from the roses onto the sheets, but the little boy still had cancer.

The next day the father had a dream and in his dream, that same guru came and told him you need to come see me in India. Your passport and visa will be quickly approved. And the father woke up and told his wife and decided he had to follow what the guru told him. So he went about getting his passport and visa and everything was approved in 10 days.

So he went to the ashram of the guru and was delighted that he was invited for a personal interview. As he stepped into the interview room with 12 other people the guru said: “This man has a very sick child and he will be healed”.

At that point, the father broke down in tears, how could the guru know anything about his gravely ill child. Right then and there he became a believer and the guru gave the father a quantity a special healing ash for the child. That healing ash was full of divine energy that would change everything.

So the father went home and did exactly as the guru asked and gave the ash to his son. And low and behold, the little boy got better, and his illness disappeared completely to the astonishment of all the doctors.

And now that little boy is a grown man… and he is very healthy.

The power of love is amazing!

Many Blessings to Everyone.

Dr. Paul Haider

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