Wavy edge, serrated edge, straight edge, grant on edge- they are the common one edges which are used in the kitchen knives. These edges serve different purpose and function to your knives. Kitchen and knife go hand in hand. In fact, we can say that these two items are inseparable. No matter what you do, none of your kitchen tasks can be completed without having a knife in your hands. Can you make salad without a knife? Can you peel off tomatoes and potatoes without this kitchen tool? Of course not! Kitchen knives come with different edges.

Some of them are used for cutting and slicing, some are used for chopping and peeling, some are used for making thin cuts, thick slices.

People prefer handmade knives rather than factory made knives Types of handmade Damascus knives made for the kitchen purpose have also shown much versatility. People are showing more interest in the handmade knives now as compared to the factory-made knives. Handmade knives are more durable and meet the complete requirements of people.

Purpose of wavy edge knives

They are also known as serrated edge knives. For the cutting of soft products that do have a hard crust, these knives edges should be used. When we talk about hard crust then we mean bread. Similarly, sausages, tomatoes, they have tough skins and tough textures on them. These wavy edge knives put up greater and huge pressure on their objects so that you can precisely do the cutting part. Their blades are thin in form
as compared to the plain edge blades. You can easily make bread rolls, you can conveniently cut the crust part of your bread, you can smoothly peel the skin of a tomato by placing wavy edge knives in your kitchen cabinets.

Use of straight edge knives

For the cutting of raw meat, chef and ordinary people use these straight edge knives. Then for the slicing of salmon, to chop vegetables, this is the convenient knife for you. It is quite tough to cut raw meat. To do this task, you have to make neat and clean cuts.
You have to make the right set of meat cubes. The precision and accuracy in your meat shapes and sizes can be seen if you will use this straight edge knife. You can sharp these knives with the help of a sharpening steel. Similarly, to slice salmon, it is not a piece of cake for each one of us. Even the expert and senior chefs find difficult while slicing salmon. The edge of your straight edge knife should be much sharper so that you can make as much clean and precise cuts in your salmon as possible you can!
Function of straight edge knives Through these knives, you can make the thinnest kind of cuts. This is the precise form of the kitchen knife. You will not tear your meat,
you might also not shred your meat while using this knife. The first and common mistake which people make while slicing their meat, they usually tear and damage, shred their meat. This mistake ruins the texture and taste of your meat. Suppose you want to make a steak but you are doing the correct cutting of it, then obviously your steak will not give its best look when cooked. So for thin cuts and thin slices, try using these straight edge knives.

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