Have you envisaged a road trip, at the New Zealand South Island? There is no better destination than this one.  

It is not just the beautiful landscape, mountains with beautiful snow-caps, beautiful beaches, meandering rivers, but the primeval formations of rocks and lakes that are deep blue will leave a nostalgic memory of your holiday.

Add to all this the serene countryside life,  daily get enchanting sounds from numerous species of independent birds perched on the trees and experience the beautiful and refreshing 'native' forests. (As this land was harvested from water.)

New Zealand never had mammals, which means it was free of intruding pests and predators. There were instead birds dominating the country apart from sea creatures.

The hospitable natives (The Kiwis) are reputed for being nice and welcoming. Apart from your guide books they are of help with directions to places of interest.

It is better to drive yourself around since you will not lose patience with yourself.

Hire any of the following camper vans for convenience.  

Categories of camper vans available for hire

Package 1: 'Estima' camper van

1.It has a double bed, pillows and beddings.

2. A gas cooker with 2 burners which uses LPG

3. A modest 12Voltage dc to ac inverter for charging your electronic devices such as phones and laptops. This can strain the only battery in the truck which also runs the vehicle. So you need to be careful.

4. Cooking utensils and kitchen dishes, pots, pans and plates etc.- essential for food preparation on transit.

5. A cupboard storage under the bed for your belongings.

6. Some picnic blankets and tarpaulins

7. Some chairs and tables.

8. Solar lighting

9.A container for water which has to be refilled every now and then.

10. Cooler box and 12 voltage fridge that uses the same single battery under the bonnet while the car is ignited, with insulation it keeps cool for periods when the van is off.

11. Booklets with maps.

12. Stereo input system for I pod.

13. One tent (ocassionaly available) should you feel like spending under one at night especially when hiking.

14. Mileage is unlimited.  

15. Free transfer from local airport and ferry.

16. AA on standby for roadside help 24 hours a day should any need arise.

Package 2: 'Hiace' camper vans

Similar to package 1 above in many ways but with the following variations:

1. If there is a third person inform the renting company in advance. One bunk bed will be availed.

2. There is a grill oven that uses gas apart from two burner cooker.

3. Larger water reservoir

4. Kitchen sink with a tap and hole for drainage

5. A 240 voltage power source

6. Overhead space for storing items

7. 240 voltage fridge.

Package 3: Ford transit camper van

As above but with:

1. A larger bed, free bunk and tent

2. Shower and toilet

3. Bigger water tank

4. Seats for eating indoors

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