What is liposuction?

This is a procedure for removing fat tissue from obese patients with a suction - pump device. It is used mainly to reduce or remove fat localised in areas such as around the face, breast, legs, abdomen, and upper arms where there's contractile skin that is able to 're drape' back once the procedure is done. It is also called 'suction lipectomy.'
This procedure is usually carried out by a specialist plastic surgeon .

What are post-liposuction compression garments?

These are specialsed adjunct pieces of cloth that are meant to be worn for a peroid of time following liposuction.

Essentially an extra set of garments is required by the patient in order to have a clean change each day.

These are tailored for compression of the  body part that underwent suction lipectomy.

They must be worn continuously 24 hours a day for seven days a week for the first 3 weeks. Remove them when bathing only.

First stage of recovery is during the first week after liposuction and the second stage of recovery is in the subsequent 2 weeks post liposuction.

Garments approved for medical use are easier to wear and utilise during the first stage of recovery. Notably they are reputed to be stronger support girdles than non-medical compression garments.

During the second phase of recovery, patients can wear the garment half a day (12 hours) as allowed by their plastic surgeon.

In the following weeks patients can wear non-medical compression garments such as pantyhose or no garment at all.  

Majority of patients are prone to insecurity and low self esteem and may inadvertently wear compression garments for longer periods. At least until they can comfortably walk around without one.

Types of liposuction compression  garments available

1. Lipobelt cold therapy- delivers cryotherapy to control swelling due to edema, inflammation, localised bruising and prevent sagging of the skin and tissues. Thigh, abdomen and arm sets available.

2. Abdominal binder - in first stage recovery,  hypoallergenic as they do not have latex. .

3. Arm garments

4. Full body garment-  first stage recovery after surgery on breast, buttocks, back, abdomen, thigh  hips. 2 variations are made: below knee(upto calf) and above knee(just above the knee). It's also latex free, made of satin and paded for comfort.

5. High-waistline girdles-  forinital stage recovery after suction in buttocks abdomen and hips. Made with a crot h that is open. Can be above or below knee.

6.Facial compression- after medical procedure on face, chin and upper neck.

7. Arm-sleeve compression

8. Bra-. Disposable and ouched for preop photos to capture before and after suction lipectomy.

9. A panty-style abdominal garment.

10. High waistline compression garment (no zip) -for second stage recovery of buttocks, abdomen, hips and thighs.

11. Full body compression (no zip)- in second stage : abdomen, back, buttocks, breasts and also thighs.

12. Male garments -used after treatment for enlarged breasts, abdominoplasty, and suction lipectomy of the whole abdomen, hips, back and thighs.

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