Have you ever read of LIC Mutual Funds? They're among the very best. Life Insurance Corporation of India began "LIC Mutual Fund" in 1989. They have got plenty of plans that may bring in much more added benefits than every other investment strategies like bank fixed deposits. This post would assist you to get more information.

What is NAV?
NAV is known as "Net Asset Value" of the specific plan. When the fund is introduced, the NAV of one particular unit would be set Rs 10. As soon as the fund will start performing, the plan NAV price will fluctuate accordingly by the end of the every trading day as well as you can find the latest NAV information from relevant websites or LIC web-site.


The NAV of the specific plan would allow you to evaluate the overall performance of the certain plan. Which will assist you to purchase units at a much more affordable amount in order that you are able to generate more money.
When you make investments in Systematic investment plans, and when the NAV of the specific unit decreases in a specific month, then you can certainly purchase additional units that would make it easier to purchase the units at a a lot inexpensive cost.
A few of the plans provide Tax Benefits for the buyers under the "Section 80 C" of income tax act. Under this plan, you might be unable to take out the amount for 3 years i.e. there would be a freeze time for 3 years. The buyers can claim tax benefits for the amount which has been invested.

In Unit Linked Insurance plan (growth option ), you will get the highest profit as greater than 60% of the total collected over these plans are invested in the equities. It has the probability to make more income than any.
You will get extensive risk cover right after the policy time period closes. The extensive time period is dependent upon the specific scheme. Several of the plans may offer 2 years and some offer more. It will depend on the specific plan.

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