Geminis are air signs and they are represented by the symbol of the twins. Indeed, Geminis are often flighty and seem as though they can never make up their minds. If you are take-charge kind of woman and have no trouble being the leader, then you could probably get along with Gemini. However, if indecision annoys you and you don't like dealing with people who seem to be lost in the clouds, then a Gemini is probably not for you. Gemini also tend to be aloof, so if that doesn't bother you, and you understand it's not something personal, then go ahead and date a Gemini. Aloofness bothers a lot of people however, and knowing you are dating someone who might simply forget to call you for several weeks because he gets busy doing something else, can really get on a woman's nerves.

Gemini can be very fun people, who love to bring excitement into life. They relate well to others, and even though it seems they never plan out what they are going to do, especially in regards to life, they always seem to get there. Gemini have flirtatious natures, but this doesn't necessarily mean you should write them off. Watch their words and their actions to see if you might have landed a cheater, but most likely, your Gemini is simply a flirt who is very loyal to you.

A Gemini is very flexible, so if you need to change plans they can adapt easily. They also won't mind sudden vacations or changes in routine. The biggest problem you might have if you date a Gemini - besides the indecision - is that it takes time for this sign to fully commit to a relationship. There can be serious problems if you are ready for more commitment than the Gemini in your life, but if you let them come to you when they are ready, you will have a fun, loving partner.

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