Scorpio men are very charismatic and love power. They can be very stubborn, and that is how they often get their way. If you are a woman who is adaptable enough to step back to avoid a fight, or who can turn the battle to her advantage, then you might be able to handle this explosive sign. Scorpios would rather work together than fight, though they will fight if they think they need to or that it is the only way that they will get what they want. However, if you are very timid, then the Scorpio might be too much for you. They are passionate about everything, and prone to try to get their way through sheer stubbornness. They can easily hurt your feelings, but they always are horrified when they do. They never intend to hurt anyone with their temper; the Scorpio has to learn to handle things with tact. Can you teach him that?

Scorpios make very devoted lovers. They would prefer to hide their emotions rather than hurt their loved one's feelings, but this can be problematic since when the pressure gets too intense, these signs explode. They are extremely loyal if you win their devotion, and if you can provide the understanding and emotional security that a Scorpio needs. These men are concerned with what is going on beyond your simple answers, and will want to know what makes you tick.

This intense sign is very rambunctious and that energy can be very attractive. Scorpios have a tendency to be secretive, but this is due to their nature of not wanting to hurt anyone. They try to puzzle things out, hiding in their shell, rather than explaining. They often don't see the need to explain things that they believe are obvious. Scorpios love power, are dependable, and outgoing. These guys can be counted on and if you win their attention, they will stop at nothing to win your heart.

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