The beginning of the relationship has always been the most exciting and fun part. It is full of hopeful promises. One can’t help the insatiable feeling of being in love. Yes, those flirtatious phone conversations, the naughty actuations, the first romantic dinner and of course, the first kisses, which I believe are the best kisses in the world. Ahhhh… the euphoric state of being in love. One can only wish that this phase would never end, but sadly, it does. The ironic part is, just when you started to get comfortable with the late night calls, the flowers and the undivided attention- they stopped altogether. You get to wonder- what the hell happened?! Do these things come with an expiry date? Cause you were not warned! As if these things are not butchering enough, he comes and slice your heart into pieces “I need to think and be alone for a while- a week tops.

I’ll call you when I get back.” Caught unguarded, what will a well- brought up girl supposed to do? Beg and plead? No, of course not! When this happens, usually the girl insists to talk and talk some more. But being persistent can only make you a skip and a hop from a real break up. When all these confusion overwhelms you, you get to wonder- do we really need distance to get close? Unfortunately, yes, there are situations that needs our own resolution and needs a peaceful reflection from within. It’s a rare occasion that a man will stop and think; so when he asks for some space, give him that.

Your tolerance might shed a good light on you. So, don’t be afraid, when a man needs a break from the relationship, take this opportunity to further enhance your knowledge in understanding men and yourself. If you want to know how to get him back for good, you need to deeply understand him. You have to remember though, that understanding men will not change the way he is or the way he behaves. And in order to understand your man, you need to know what she looks and needs from a woman. Along these lines are the top qualities a healthy, sound-minded man would want from a woman. First, it is aesthetic or beauty. Different gentlemen have their own concept of beauty. Even though it’s the physical beauty that initially captures the attention but it’s the inner beauty that makes them stay for good. A man wants his woman to add beauty to his life by the way she handles herself and life. This may sound superficial but actually it’s not. Try neglecting yourself and he will do the same to you- he will neglect you. Another way of understanding men is to know that they want nurturing and femininity. It’s human nature, no argument or further explanation needed. Other ways of understanding men is to accept that they need sense of humor, sensuality, affection, stability and dependability from a woman. It doesn’t take a whole lot of woman to do all the things mentioned above. Understanding men, requires one thing and one thing alone…all you have to do is to understand yourself first, and the right man, who will appreciate your beauty and the way you love will just come along.

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The author of this article, Ruth Purple, is a successful Relationship Coach. Learn how you can seduce any man that you fancy with so much ease and subtlety.