The modern science has proved the truth that masturbation is a safest and most effective way in getting sexual pleasure in absence of opposite partner. The modern media are so much openly exercises porn culture and love making themes that even an adolescent also has the habit of masturbation. But the news of joy is that there is no harm hidden in the masturbation. Rather it is safer than the intercourse with other. But, it is better to get some masturbation tips for the total satisfaction. The medical science says that it masturbations brings not only the sexual satisfaction it also refreshes the total mind and body. It relieves the anxiety and brings the enthusiasm for the next days. In the case of women it is also similarly true. It never harms them by any means. If they do orgasm and get into climax, she can understand the ways of satisfaction with her boy friend, the way of satisfaction she likes best and the time of climax. It also decreases of their mental stress and helps to develop her brain.

In most of the cases girls and men feel ashamed and guilty after having masturbation. But, it the study says it is in all means free from ay harm. Men and women can get the extra vibration in the time of masturbation. It helps to increase one’s life span longer. May the fun in time of sex is not present here but it is most harmless way of personal satisfaction.

Here is provided some masturbation tips. Before masturbation you need to be cool and fresh in mind that enhances the blood circulation in your colitis that makes you more enjoyable. It is better to have a bathe and take a peg of wine. Then, if you want may read some erotic stories and watch some flicks. Men and women both can use the same process before having masturbation. Some may use some masturbation instruments or toys that enhance the satisfaction greater.

As the masturbation tips men can use their hands that makes more vibrant than the sex with a girlfriend. So the joy of it is also goes in the climax in a shortest time. They also can use the instrument that is almost similar to the women body and similar to the vaginal figure. The women can use the artificial penis to make them excited. Some of them are of vibrant. Some of the toys are simply some balls proportionate to the vagina that is taken inside it and enjoy the joy of sex every movement of body.

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