So iOS developers want to learn programming language everyone is talking about- Swift. But many of them do not have an idea where and how to learn it? Well, there are some great resources to kick-start on way to become a successful Swift developer.

It does not matter whether the individual is already an experienced Objective-C developer or completely naive in the iOS development field. People will always face problem selecting the right resources to learn Swift programming as numerous of them available out there.

Why Start With Swift?

If developers are just beginning with iOS development, they might be wondering:

Whether to start it with Objective-C or Swift? or
Whether to use Objective-C first then move to Swift? Or
Completely concentrate on Swift and skip Objective-C?

To pick one out of them is certainly a difficult thing for the top iOS app developers. Since the invention of Swift, Apple has already released different versions of it to make iOS app development more effective. But this is not the thing that developers underrate Objective-C.

An Objective-C is three-decade-old language while Swift appeared in the market couple of years ago. Though Swift is gaining momentum and taking over Objective-C, Apple will keep using Objective-C as most of the iOS applications are developed with it. But it is sure that Apple is focusing more on Swift because it is the future of iOS and MacOS.

Leading development firms are so much sure about Swift that it is the correct platform for iOS applications. Since it is completely equipped with advanced features and easily accessible language. Organizations have recognized immense opportunities in creating enterprise-based applications with Swift programming. It gives them functionalities that enhance the user experience, client engagement, and business profit.

Application industry has encountered a quick growth of new technologies like big data, cloud computing, and IoT in past couple of years. Swift has the ability to encompass those technologies effectively in the iOS application. Swift offers a highly functional working environment to maintain the application quality and performance.

Resources To Learn Swift Programming

It is easy to learn Swift programming if decent learning resources are available. These resources can be anything, like books, e-books, blogs and articles, free online courses etc. Following are few well-known sources available to learn Swift:


There are few best books available that can provide developers Swift knowledge. These books are very user-friendly as beginners will have no difficulty starting with them. All the available books on Swift programming are updated with iOS 10 SDK and Swift 3 concepts. But developers should learn Swift programming basic first before moving to iOS 10 SDK.

Books like “Swift Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide” is the best source to learn basic as well as advanced Swift programming concepts. It also offers basic knowledge of iOS SDK so that developers can able to built a simple iOS application.

Once developers feel comfortable with basics of Swift, they can learn advanced iOS SDK concepts. iOS SDK is Apple’s main framework to develop applications for iPhone users. The learning of iOS SDK covers everything from building an actual Xcode projects to persisting data with the Core Data framework.

There is an official book by Apple to learn Swift programming. This book offers in-depth programming concepts and features. It also covers low and high-level topics like String internals and wrapping a C library.


The Internet is now considered as the best source to learn different things. There are different websites and YouTube channels that provide useful information to learn Swift through videos. Developers can subscribe or register to these channels for free. Below are few websites that deliver Swift knowledge to developers:

Geeky Lemon XCode Tutorial: Geeky Lemon Xcode tutorials are brilliant as it helps developers to create awesome iPhone applications. It is most recommended resource by experts to learn XCode. XCode tutorials contain everything beginners want to learn from basic programming to visual development.

The best thing about Geeky Lemon is that it includes interactive tutorials to develop applications for tvOS and watchOS. The huge amount of iOS tutorials helps developers to cover all sort of development aspects from building an app up to its deployment. Geek Lemon XCode Tutorial has recently started online courses for iOS 10 application development with Swift 3 and XCode 8.

NSScreencast: NSScreencast is a right place for beginners to start with basic of iOS application development. This site provides absolutely lucid guidelines so that developers can understand complex concepts easily. Developers can find series of iOS application development videos created by professionals on NSScreencast.

Every week a new topic related video get uploaded to give developers an insight of iPhone and iPad application development using Objective-C, Swift, and XCode. Initially, NSScreencast provides free videos and later one need to pay a monthly subscription fee of around $9 to gain unlimited access.


The above-mentioned resources definitely going to help top iOS app developers to stretch their Swift programming knowledge level to a greater height. In this resources, Swift concepts are explained so thoroughly and easily that beginners do not any difficulty while learning.

Author's Bio: 

Ritesh Patil is the co-founder of Mobisoft Infotech that helps startups and enterprises in mobile technology. He loves technology, especially mobile technology. He’s an avid blogger and writes on mobile application. He works in an iPhone application development company.