If you have bacterial vaginosis (BV), you are already aware that it can be tough to treat and difficult to live with. However, that may simply be because you aren't using the right methods for treating your BV. One option that you may not have considered is that you could try using hydrogen peroxide for bacterial vaginosis treatment.


You can't understand why hydrogen peroxide could be helpful to you until you understand the relationship between bacterial vaginosis and lactobacillus. Lactobacillus are good bacteria that are supposed to be present within the vagina at all times. However, when bad bacteria invade and outnumber them, it can kill off the lactobacillus and create medical problems, such as bacterial vaginosis.

Under normal circumstances, lactobacillus bacteria produce two very important substances, lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide protects the uterine wall cells, acting as a shield against invading bacteria and illnesses. Lactic acid, meanwhile, keeps the pH levels of the vagina acidic enough that good bacteria can thrive and bad bacteria cannot survive.

A Change In The Vaginal Environment:

You may be wondering how bacterial vaginosis can even happen, since the vagina is full of lactobacillus and other good bacteria. Well, it occurs when there is a change in the vaginal environment. That could be from many different things. Some of them include:

Dirty Underwear
Poor Hygiene
Wiping From Back To Front After Going To The Bathroom
Dirty Sex Toys
Unprotected Sex
Rough Sex Creating Tears And Irritations/Infections

Other things can also cause BV, but those are some of the most common causes for it.

Introducing Hydrogen Peroxide Back To The Environment:

Once the lactobacillus bacteria are outnumbered, hydrogen peroxide and lactic acid levels go down. That makes it that much more difficult for you to restore your vaginal pH balance and get rid of BV for good. That's why introducing hydrogen peroxide back to the environment can be so helpful.

The best way to get hydrogen peroxide back into your vaginal region is to use a hydrogen peroxide douche. All you have to do is mix a little hydrogen peroxide in some water and douche with the mixture until your BV is gone. However, some people suggest douching once a day and others suggest twice. Also, some suggest doing it for 3 days, while others say that 7 days is better. Your best bet is to ask your doctor what would be right for your particular case. After all, douching too much could cause more harm than good.

Lifestyle Changes:

Using hydrogen peroxide for bacterial vaginosis treatment can be a big help in treating BV, but there has to be a reason that you got BV in the first place. So, you may need to make certain lifestyle changes to ensure that you don't have a BV relapse. That could mean anything from changing your sex habits to changing your eating habits. So, you should consider getting some advice on the subject. One of the best sources of BV treatment advice is Instant Bacterial Vaginosis Relief, which is a program that can take you through a step by step BV prevention process using natural treatment methods and home remedies.

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