Do you have an ex boyfriend? Do you still have feelings for him? If you have some feelings for him, getting him back can be an idea in your mind. Who ended the relationship? If you are the one who ended it because you felt tired of the relationship at that time, as a lady you will feel shy to meet him physically in order to reconcile. The best way to help you get your ex boyfriend back is by using text messages. If your ex does not want to pick up your call using a text message is appropriate because there are high chances of him reading the message.

Text messages help in making him realize that you are thinking about him. By texting a message reminding him of the good moments you had before you broke up will make him miss you though you broke up. During your relationship there are things you enjoyed together. For example you may have had an outing that was so enjoyable. Write a simple text like, “Am watching a documentary about animals and I have remembered the day we visited the game park.” This will make him remember and have some feeling of you in case he was about to forget you.

Text messages can help you open up a communication with your ex boyfriend in case it stopped. Using a text message to ask for simple assistance like inquiring on his line of specialization. For example if he is working in an office dealing with certain services just text asking information about the services. He will answer you on the business ground. With continued business communication, he is a human being and you will end up creating communication link and you will eventually fall in love again.

Text messages in apologizing. For any relationship to end there must be a wrong done to either of you. You may be the one who wronged your boyfriend or either way. You may fear confronting him personally as his reaction may be violent. A text explaining how remorseful you are will make him get relieved of the anger. If he replies the message then the situation is not worse. If he ignores the message give him time as continued texting without his reply will appear a bother to him.

Text messages are perfect methods of suggesting for meetings after you disagree with your boyfriend. By using a text message you can conveniently book an appointment. By using texts that give an explanation why you need to meet with your ex boyfriend will help a lot. After you broke up with your ex boyfriend you may be having some feelings for him but considering the condition under which you broke up, he may be feeling ashamed of approaching you once more. A text message requesting him to meet you will enable him overcome the shame of meeting you. Some men have egos that they do not want to be seen as if they are the one interested in you after you broke up. Texting him to meet will enable him overcome the ego. After meeting, you can discuss the issue and end up in a relationship.

At text message, though may be a simple form of communication can win your man back. When using it choose your words carefully because poor words in a text message may increase your disagreements.

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