South east Asia's best tourist destination is Vietnam.The interest starts from the Vietnamese exotic traditional food and the places in Vietnam.
From the turquoise beach to the highland mountains with tea, coffee and flowers.From the Biggest cave to the islands.It's one of the most amazing destination to see it all at once with affordable price.

the places you'd see in Vietnam would be mesmerizing never seen before. The foods are exquisite and a taste you'd never forget.
The people are mostly admired because of their peaceful nature and hardworking attitude.
If you ever want to travel around south east Asia Vietnam is a place you'd not want to miss.
Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and it has all the old Vietnamese culture and has retain most of its traditions.

Unlike Hanoi, Ho chi minh city is the biggest and the busiest metropolitan city in Vietnam. Ho chi minh city is 24 hours awake people sleeping and waking the whole day makes the city very busy and dynamic.
you'd see people moving around the whole day and night.
The nightlife in Ho chi minh city is one of the most popular nightlife in south east Asia.

there are approximately 43,345 tourist coming in to Vietnam everyday. and atleast 1,229,163 people coming in to Vietnam a month.

Vietnam has been loved by the world since the beginning of 21st century.
no doubt there were bad times but as time passes by eventually people have started coming to recognized the beauty of this wonderful country.
By the end of the Vietnam war in 1975, Vietnam has gained a lot of people's recognition for it's amazing places.
now people around the world know about how Vietnamese went through hard times and gain its integrity and independence from the rulers.
it has revives all the beautiful traditions and now Vietnam is among the best country in the south east Asia.

Vietnamese cuisines is among top 10 in the world for its exquisite taste yet very simple.
One of the most famous one is PHO which is a rice noodle with broth of beef and its bones and serve with fresh herbs.
People in Vietnam wouldn't start their day without their coffee.Coffee is one major beverage in Vietnam.
also they have their own traditional way of brewing coffee.
Other than this, there are so many other food items in the country an for that you'd have to come and explore it for yourself.
Other than that you find yourself in the midst of all the good and bad things happening around you but travelling makes you realize how wonderful the world is when you stop comparing and loving each and every kind.

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