Waking up feeling blessed there is no greater feeling than waking up refreshed. When "God wake's you up spiritually it's even a better feeling. You look at the world in a different way. The things that use to weigh you down some how just don't mater any longer.

It's like getting a energy boost for the spirit what a great feeling, some one should bottle it up and just give it away. It's to good a feeling to just keep it to your self. It's meant to be shared in a smile a hug a greeting that comes from the heart.

An awakening of the soul looking at the world in a whole new light seeing people in a different way. You once looked at them in a judgmental way and now you see them through the eye's of love. What has changed? Their behavior? No my dear you have and for the better.

Your heart was softened where once it was hard, there is where the change came from. How did that happen? It happened ever so gradually the day you invited the "Lord in to your heart the day you accepted his son "Jesus as your personal Savior.

That's when you had your spiritual awakening,you awoke from a very long nap. Rub your sleepy little eyes and go see what "God has given you, the blessings await go claim them.

There is no better feeling than when the spirit is awake and is feeling refreshed. You just know that no matter what the world has to toss at you. You are going to be able to handle it. Why? You awoke with a greater knowledge and an even better relationship with "God.

You know no matter what you are going through it's going to be alright you know "God will be there to see you through. Does it mean that you will never feel helpless and alone? No it just means you have found a great help mate in "Jesus. You have discovered that you can turn to "Jesus in times of need.

To many people hold back from turning to the one greatest assent they have and that is the "Lord Why? Fear of rejection perhaps it's more to the tune of he won't help me my problems are not that important.

That couldn't be further from the truth you matter to "God in every way. How you feel your troubles big or small. "God want's them all he want's you to come to him in every way. He has been waiting for you with arms wide open.

You have been a sleep for some time, now that you have awaken go see what "God has in store for you. GO claim your blessings embrace them they are yours you have earned them. "God want's you to have them.

Author's Bio: 

A spirit daughter of my heavenly father, my earthly calling to tend to the sick in body heart and soul. An inspirational writer/ author. A mother of four a grand mother of two. A freelance writer for The Examiner, Self Growth, "Rose Petals" my official page; Helium and Triond. I love what I do it's a gift from "God. My first book "Angels and Butterfly kisses" due out in spring of 2011