From newspapers to television channels, the flashy advertisements that promise to offer best value for gold jewelry lure my attention. Upon looking at these advertisements, it looks like jewelers are willing to buy the old gold scrap resting in a corner of your cupboard at amazing prices. With so many jewelry buyers, most of the individuals believe that fetching high prices for a jewelry item is a cakewalk. But, when you land in the market, it does not take long to realize that things are not as rosy as they appear initially. Getting right amount of money for gold jewelry is an intricate task and one has to put in extra efforts in order to accomplish the task.

To find out the exact market value of jewelry, the seller should know the procedure followed for evaluating the cost. Generally, the procedure for cost evaluation varies according to the type of jewelry and thus one should be well-versed with all these procedures. To begin with, learn the technical terms frequently used by jewelry estate agents so that both seller and buyer are on the same level during the conversation. We would like to point that the odds of getting a higher value for gold jewelry increase when the seller has sound knowledge of current procedures and prices.

After you have studied the trends prevailing in the market, it is time to collect some information about your jewelry item. For instance, if you are planning to sell gold bullion then you should know its accurate weight and the current value of gold in global market. Since gold bullions are pure, gold jewelry buyer buys it readily even if the seller demands more. But, when one has to sell scrap jewelry the scenario is little different. The details one must possess when selling off ornaments include:

Weight of Item – The weight of item is the first thing you should know before contacting the buyer. More is the gold percentage; more is the price for your accessory.

Purity of Gold – The purity of gold varies from one item to another and you should find out the exact value before presenting jewelry in front of the buyers. Most of the jewelers issue a certificate when jewelry is bought and you can use this certificate when contacting jewelry estate agents.

Any Special Attributes – If there is something unique about the item, take a note of it and tell this to buyer for fetching high value.

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