With the change in weather and the arrival of summers, traveling in a car without AC is the worst thing one can think about. With global warming, summers temperature is rising with every new summer season and it is becoming very difficult to travel in summers. It is very important that you have a good air conditioner in your car to make your journey comfortable.

Air conditioner in your car is a part of machinery and it can be a funny thing. Sudden air conditioner failure is a very common thing in cars during summer seasons. One of the main reasons behind this is the improper maintenance of the cars. If you know your car then it is very easy to detect the signs, that something wrong is going to happen with the air conditioning system.

Some of the signs which confirms whether your Car Air conditioner is working properly or not:

Water Clogging in the Car: During summers, when you park your car somewhere, after sometime you can see a pool of water under your car. This is the moisture extracted from the hot air in the car by the air conditioner. If the AC’s drain is clogged or not working properly, then the water will not move out of your car causing stains and other problems. So, if you see any patches or marks in your car, then get your air conditioner system checked by a mechanic or car parts retailer.

Strange Noises from AC Unit: Once you switch on your car’s air conditioner, all you should hear is a smooth noise of fan. But if you are hearing some strange banging or rattling noise, then it is important to get your air conditioner check by a car care expert. This kind of unwanted noise is the sign that your car has a problem.

Foul Smell Coming out of your AC: While traveling in your car, suddenly you feel hot and switch on your car AC, and if you get foul smell, it becomes difficult to drive or sit in your car. So to stay away from such problem, get your car air conditioner checked by experts after every 2 months.

Tiny Leaks: It is very common in car air conditioning system to develop tiny leaks, which may go unnoticed for months. After sometime, these tiny leaks may cause serious problems in the air conditioning system. So it is very important to get it checked regularly.

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