We try out each and every step in order to make ourselves appear more attractive. Endless beauty solutions are available in order to appear significantly more attractive. In order to get rid of unwanted hair, waxing is a popular solution. However, individuals usually complain of pain while undergoing this procedure. It is impossible to acquire a painless solution in this case since hair is pulled off from its root.
Waxing in London is no doubt a temporary treatment and is more popular than shaving or the depilatory creams. This aid in prevention of ingrown hair and at the same time is also capable of removing dead skin cells. In order to be beautiful, a price no doubt has to be paid. Waxing a few sensitive parts of the body can be more painful. An example of such can be mentioned as -Brazilian waxing-. The best way to reduce pain in a specified area is by numbing that part of the body. Below are a few simple tips to facilitate pain reduction:
• Pop aspirin: At times popping an aspirin is advised half an hour prior to the appointment. This is sure to aid with reduction of pain sensitivity.
• Hire professionals: Significance lies in getting in touch with a professional in order to acquire desired outcome. Professionals are sure to make use of commendable products and are experienced enough to advice tactics that is sure to aid with pain reduction.
• Use hot beds: Make use of warm compress on the area to be waxed through hot beds. This is sure to loosen skin pore and at the same time, ease grip of hair root below skin. This will reduce pain to a large extent.
• Make use of hot wax: Hot wax facilitates completion of the waxing session faster than cold wax. They are less messy and feel warm on skin. It is better to remain wary of skin sensitivity. Make sure to opt for a patch test is order to check out on the temperature since otherwise individuals may be left with a burn.
• Avoid food containing caffeine or sugar: On the day of waxing, it is better to avoid dishes that contain sugar or caffeine. It is also better to avoid smoking since nicotine causes sensitivity leading to increase in sensation of pain.
• Relax: It is significant to relax in order to decrease sensitivity to pain. This increases body temperature, relax hair follicles allowing individuals to experience less pain.
• Breathing technique: When hair is about to be ripped off, it is better to focus on breathing technique rather than focussing on pain. Inhale and hold breath while hair is being ripped off and then exhale. Repeat the process with each strip.
• Follow reverse direction: In case hair is pulled off from the opposite direction of growth, it will be possible to get rid of more unwanted hair and reduce pain to a large extent.
After all these ways have been deployed in order to reduce pain, remember to apply dusting powder or an anti bacterial lotion in order to prevent infection. Make sure to opt for professional help in order to acquire best result.
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