We as humans have always known that good and bad as absolute entities is a flawed concept. There is goodness and badness in different proportions in different biotic and non biotic things. Yet we choose the blissful ignorance and wait for the good to come to our existence and irradiate the roots of bad. Depots every cell and every bone of your tiny existence tells you otherwise you choose to believe. That kind of belief is what guided us humans to great discoveries and inventions. It is what kept our quests alive and gave fuel for our passions.
The same kind of interest in good is what makes modern technology better too. But continuing our discussion in the veils of philosophy we can find some answers to even the most superficial of problems in our day technology environment. The theory we consider involves our inherent nature to be good and to be able to achieve good. But this is ideally impossible and only close enough versions seen in practicality couldn't survive the modern day challenges. And the problem is that the closest we reach to perfection the more challenges we face and the more we will have to sacrifice the means in which it is achieved. This encourages us to cheat and be bad. And it is safe to say that there are no commercial organizations out there which are good.
Now what is left is a relativity approach and compatibility theory. But this may seem a farfetched idea to some analysts but has its own strongholds. After all any single idea never contained any concepts or constructs which are complex in nature. While economic reasons stimulate commercial organizations to be bad, the same stimulants act in a way to impart some positive characteristic to the firm. To be more vivid, if you want people to buy your melons, make melons that people would want to buy.
A web development company which offers several services to its customers should have some strong points which attract the costumers towards them. This sometimes is low cost or high quality or rare and specialized services. Having one desirable quality should imply the existence of undesirable elements in the remaining services. Thus the choice would become a compromise and what we need the most becomes the most important. The important features take priority in the act of compromise. Clearly stating, the web development company which offers good quality in the services that is of utmost importance to us wins the lot. But goodness of services won't end in the quality with which they are offered. Price plays an important part as money defines the transactional powers of any organization. Lower the cost is more the votes are. Another important factor is support. The products that are delivered to us are of special nature and might contain the type of elements that are essential to the survival of the system for a long term. Now the decision to choose a web development company comes down to a tradeoff berate the goodness and badness of the above mentioned entities.

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