Have you ever looked at somebody and wondered, “How do they do it? How can they juggle all that and still have it all together, making progress?”

There are consistent abilities possessed by the most productive and successful professionals out there, even though they are juggling all kinds of things: family, work, projects, travel, social engagements and more. Each one possesses these 4 abilities:

1.) They have the ability to visualize and make specific goals.

2.) They act on what they want and don’t want out of their life and life’s work.

3.) They are always learning and growing. They know the path IS the point.

4.) They are able to help others and share their passion through their work.

In addition, I’ve added 3 decision points below that successful professionals use every day to stay productive. Simply put… these people are decisive. They’re not wishy-washy about anything. They have a road map to their goals and they take their lives and their work into their own hands.

While working the list above, also work on your decisiveness in the areas listed below. Then you can start mixing the best ingredients to create your own productivity success story at work and in life… starting today.

1.) Be Decisive About Time. Productive people are decisive about who and what gets their attention. They know the best use of their time because they understand that it’s finite.

! Design your life the way you’d like it to be. Don’t allow other time and space invaders to take over. Ask yourself frequently if what you are doing supports your growth, learning, passion or the ability to reach any dream. Otherwise, whatever you’re doing could be wasting your time.

2.) Be Decisive About Information. Productive people are quick to dispense with information that is of no use to them. They don’t let information build up around them physically or electronically, no matter how much information they have access to.

! What’s the purpose of keeping all that’s building up around you? Reading materials, papers, files? Is it wrapping you in a cocoon of comfort so you can stay reactive instead of being proactive? Consider the best places to keep what you do want so you can clear the decks for a bigger, better pursuit or your next accomplishment.

3.) Be Decisive About Projects. Remember that action drives out thought. Successful, productive professionals know that as much thought goes into their success as action. A person needs time to think and plan and reflect. A lot of thinking goes into success.

! If you’re staying too busy and it’s costing you mental breathing room, consider backing off the amount of projects and invitations that you say yes to. Consider which projects you can hand off to another person or release altogether. If you can’t shed any at this time, don’t take on any more until one or two can drop away and even then, don’t be too quick to fill the void.

Take time to make measure where you are. Are you where you want to be? Consider your happiness, peace of mind, the quality of your work and the quality of your life. Take steps toward where you’d rather be. Seek support or advice. Keep growing and learning. Learn all about yourself. But above all, be decisive! You only get one life to live. Make it the best!

Author's Bio: 

Productivity Expert, Leslie Shreve has been teaching business owners, executives and entrepreneurs how to unleash the power of their most productive work day for more than 7 years. Leslie is the creator of Taskology™, which focuses on teaching simple, logical and easy-to-use strategies for managing tasks, time, e-mail, paper and more, plus how you can maximize Outlook to support your success. http://productiveday.com