Hyderabad has so many options that you will get confused for a bit. Usually on the weekends people either love to hang out for shopping or they look out for Water Parks in Hyderabad. Being quite a big city there are at least dozen of Amusement & Water Parks in Hyderabad. But then we have come up with the best places where you can actually combine your celebrations with lot of fun.

Famous water parks in Hyderabad:

1. Escape Water park:
Escape Water Park has a water park named Water World with over a dozen rides. Water World provides a lot of water rides that are quite adventurous and exciting.A fascinating world of adventure which are offered here, catering to both adults and kids. Games such as family slide, Mini aqua trailers, Tilt bucket, Mushroom Umbrella, Float slide and Pendulum and adventures like muilty activity net,river crossing, ladder climbing, burma bridge and rope bridge etc. are just a few of the choices that will keep you happy throughout your day at Escape Water Park.

2. JalVihar Water park:
Jal Vihar is an exciting place promises unlimited fun for your kids and family. This is the only water park in the heart of the city. It offers many amazing water rides including wave pool, float side, air hockey and battery bikesand. A large number of water games as well as dry rides are offered at this water park, for both adults and kids.

3.Ocean Park:
Ocean Park offers a wide range of water games and rides for people of all ages. Ocean Park Hyderabad has something to offer for visitors of all age groups. So, may it be kids or adults or senior citizens, everyone has a good time here. Ocean park is located at Gandipet around 20km away from main city central.

4. Mount opera multi theme park :
Mount Opera Multi Theme Park resort is located at a distance of 38 kms from Hyderabad City. Mount Opera will give you your moneys worth. The wife range of activities and the water rides will just make you go ga-ga over it.You have water rides and the other rides if you are not much into the water thing.

5. Wonderla :
Wonderla Amusement and Waterpark is a Water Park in Hyderabad which promises of immense amount of fun and entertainment to all its visitors. It was located in kongara khurd village hyderabad.In this water park there was a different rides for children and adults also.

In this Escape water park is the best watr park.The park boasts of the highest variety of water rides in Hyderabad compared to other parks. Only water park with Adventure Zone.Escape has the best water rides, which everyone can enjoy.

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