It is often said that a company doesn’t create a positive image on the general public and the print media, but it is the public relations division of the concerned company which does it for them. Their role has some small number of similarities with the functioning of the advertising manager. Like the advertising managers, public relations specialists keep the public informed, but the information here is about the company’ policies, goals, accomplishments, products and services.

Most companies have an entire department for public relations, though smaller set-ups have only a single or a couple of employees for the process. It is also seen that some companies hire independent public relations specialists or offer the contract to an agency for a pre-decided amount.

Abbreviated as PRs, public relations specialists are often called media specialists or corporate public relations specialists and are even branded as communications specialists at times. Knowing different nomenclature for a profession is important not only during the search for career catalogues and directories but also during the recruiting process (some companies define the nomenclature which suits the position or the requirement effectively).

PRs utilize and take help of press conferences, meetings, conventions, fund raising campaigns and even direct speaking arrangements. They even take events as a platform for engaging in public relations. They work with the advertising department (including the design and graphics department) to have a better understanding of the framework. Their work involves preparing speeches, press releases, scripts, fact sheets, articles for the print media, pamphlets, newsletters etc towards publicity of their employers.

Educational Requirements

A graduation degree with subjects like journalism, communications or public relations forms the foundation for this profession. A master’s degree is well and good. Many colleges offer courses in PR and related fields.

Job Opportunities

All types of companies, businesses, academies, welfare groups hire public relations specialists. Now days, schools, sports related leagues and even government sectors have started hiring PR people.

With a decent median salary per year, being a public relations specialist is a great idea for outgoing people who enjoy dealing with the general public and the related aspects.

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The role of a public relations specialist combines management with marketing, like no other field. If you have decided to get into this field, subscribing to a Cambridge encyclopedia type career catalogue will help you a lot; prior, post and during the planning of your career.