Although this may seem like a very basic question, I hear this quite often; “What Does It Mean To Love Yourself?” Society has somehow confused and convoluted the true answer to this question.

Living a life filled with happiness begins with learning to love yourself first. Let me explain what this means.

Loving yourself means you do the following:

- Treating yourself with utmost respect and being kind; including positive talk and encouraging self-talk. This is how you speak to yourself and all the voices in your head. You should NOT be calling yourself bad names or demeaning your character, for that is not love.

- Being completely honest with yourself and having self-awareness of your strengths and weaknesses, accepting this and acknowledging, not judging.

- Being true to who you are at your core and what you like; living your life authentically and not pretending to be something you are not.

- You should follow through to your commitments and promises to yourself as well as keeping your word and doing what you say you are going to do.

Loving yourself does not mean:

- Bragging to others, using others, or being arrogant and narcissistic

- Focusing only on your needs and wants while being unaware of others around you

Some may ask…. why is loving yourself so important?

When you love yourself, you are going with your flow in life and utilizing your life energy positively. You create inner resistance and turmoil when you struggle against yourself and it can be exhausting; often leaving you feeling fatigued and sucks any excitement from you. Instead of putting your energy towards your struggles in life, put it into activities and people that bring you joy and happiness.

What happens when you do not love yourself?

If you fail to truly love yourself then you are impacting the way you live your life. You may illustrate the following characteristics:

- feeling like you are not worthy or good enough
- being overly critical and judgmental
- you will be unhappy but not really sure why
- you will not be able to trust your intuition or your instincts

While you may think these can be hidden or buried and that others may never find out. You are Wrong! Actually, you are hurting yourself as well as others around you. You do not only feel the impact, but may cause other issues in your life and affect how you treat people.

- not only judge yourself, but more apt to judging others and being critical of them

- you try too hard to get others to like you, which work in retrospect

- relationships with others are difficult to maintain

If you feel like your life is stressful and overwhelming, start by ridding yourself of your inner conflict and turmoil. Allow yourself to be loved by you and others.

I challenge you to take some time and notice how you treat yourself. Become aware of your thoughts and your actions. Just take notice. Do you treat yourself with kindness and respect? Do you build yourself up or are you demeaning?

When you work on your foundation of loving yourself then you set the stage for living a life of purpose and fulfillment!

Author's Bio: 

Taryn Allen is a Miami Life Coach and Author who specializing in helping individuals to get clear on their purpose in life and as a result she is able to help get them UN-Stuck so that they can start excelling in all areas of their life, to learn more visit Top Life Coach