What is a psychometric test?
Psychometric testing gives important information about the person to perform a job. It has consistently been found to be the best predictor of an employee’s potential to perform. According to NAHRS a psychometric test is a series of written and practical for clearly define the range of human behavior. Psychometric testing has five properties. There are:
• Objective - The results obtained from it are not influenced by the administrator's personal preferences. The color of a test-taker's socks or the strength of their handshake should not influence the score the administrator assigns to them.
• Standard - it is administered and scored according to standard procedures people score on the test were compared to known standards.
• Reliable – it have to be consistent. Potential error is small, and is measurable.
• Valid - it will measure the properties. Tests used for selection of work should be to predict the performance of work. The test of verbal ability should include in this case and other skills.
• Discrimination - the test should be shows clear differences between people's behavior in the trial. It should not be discriminatory - unfair discrimination against minorities on the basis of irrelevant characteristics.
There are many different types of psychometric tests, including measures of skill, ability, intelligence, personality, motivation and interest.
Advantages and Disadvantages of psychometric testing
As with most assessment tools the psychometric tests have both advantages and disadvantages in use.
The Advantages
Standardized and objective; everyone is treated equally and therefore fairly
Candidates who have good "interview technique" are not unduly advantaged
usually quick and easy to score
typically much more reliable, consistent and free from error than other assessment methods
*Statistical research suggests that many aspects of job performance can be predicted from test results. Indeed, tests seem to be much more effective in this regard than most other selection methods
In general, tests measure the attributes they are designed to measure very effectively
The Disadvantages
Internal candidates for jobs can sometimes feel disgruntled because they are being treated in the same way as external candidates
Some candidates may be nervous about testing and will need to be put at their ease
Some tests are more complex to score; training is required for administration and interpretation
The initial set-up can be costly, including the initial purchase of re-usable materials and training of test administrators and interpreters
There may be an initial resistance to using tests, often based on misconceptions, which needs to be overcome before they can be successfully introduced into an organization
Tests may not be able to measure the 'whole candidate' and will typically be used in conjunction with other information
Psychometric testing is playing an important role in the development of individuals. They can provide objective evidence that measure human attributes, and have proven to be one of the best predictors of job performance when used in the selection.
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