According to a survey by Doctors, chlamydia is one of the most common sexually transmitted disease STDs and, therefore, it is recommended that the symptoms of chlamydia are thoroughly understood in order to treat it successfully.

Chlamydia Causes and Symptoms

Most of the time symptoms of this disease do not appear in 20 to 30 percent Men and Women. If they appear then they are different for both men and women. So one must have a complete knowledge of this disease in order to diagnose in properly.

Symptoms in women that may Appear :

• Discharge from Vagina
• A very painful sexual intercourse
• Discharge or rectal pain
• Burning during urination

Symptoms in Men that may Appear :

• Burning during urination
• Discharge from Penis
• Pain in the testicles

So these are some of the common symptoms that may appear in both men and women. Now we will discuss how to treat this disease.

Chlamydia Diagnosis and Treatment

As I have already mentioned above how to diagnose this disease in both the sexes. So now I will tell you how to treat it successfully.

Chlamydia Discharge or STD is treated by many doctors in the world through different Antibiotics. Some of the common antibitoics that are used to treat it are tetracyclines,erythromycin, azithromycin etc. A patient must have to complete a 1 month course and after that Doctor will make another check up of you to check if the disease has been successfully cured. But if the problem persisits then Doctors have to find some other solutions to prevent it.

Another very important preventive measure is to inform your sexual partner about your condition so that disease prevented from spreading.

As we know that we cannot refrain people from sex but we can apply preventive measures to avoid spreading the disease. For example proper use of condoms can be helpul in stoping the disease. For women who are above the age of 25 should screen themselve yearly to check the infection.

So these are some of the treatments for this disease.

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