“And Why Do We Need it Now, When The World is Upside Down”

It’s said that God is dharma and thus we are to be the embodiment of that which is full of virtue, love, and peace which is also dharma. To do what one knows is right for society thus working according to the great cosmic plan is also dharma.

If we go back thousands of years Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and many others talked about being full of virtue. And in this day and age, we have disaster after disaster playing out around the world and the greatest disaster yet to come. And this is all taking place because of a lack of love, a lack of kindness, and a lack of willingness to work together for the greater good.

Many people don’t believe in virtue anymore, people would rather fill themselves with sensory pleasures with money, power, greed, and fame. But virtue fills a void that all these sensory pleasures can’t fill. For dharma fills the heart and the heart overflows with gladness and peace… for one knows he is doing his best to make the world a better place if he lives a virtuous life.

What is the essence of dharma? When that word dharma is heard people think of being a beggar, feeding the hungry, or giving shelter to those in need. Yet dharma or virtue is even more than that… it is also truth. A simple man like the great master Lao Tzu could live a simple life and feel happy that he was doing his part in order to create love and peace. To live a simple life, a life full of virtue, and a life full of love is a life full of dharma.

And in order to live a simple life, one has to slay the six-headed dragon of anger, pride, hate, greed, lust, and delusion. For dharma or virtue is the highest wisdom of all. Those who are full of love are also full of God, the Universe, and Great Spirit. And all those who walk the path of dharma or virtue also walk the path of healing their karma doing God’s work. One who embodies “Sankara” which means to do good and create good karma. These people are those who have a higher vision and climb the great ladder of spiritual enlightenment.

Anyone who is able to overcome desires, ego, and animal like instincts is sure to merge like a wave into the great ocean of love. Thus they merge into the great white light, that great ocean of blissful being. And let go of all that which is mortal and become one with that which is all pervasive, loving, and kind.

Remember— it’s important to take the knife of love and cut away ego and ignorance… and thus allow wisdom to flourish and heal the world one person at a time.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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