Large percentage of males gains round about six inches of length and two or more inches of girth when their male organ is erect. About 15% of males gain more than 7 inches and only 3% more than 8 inches of length. Males are obsessed with size of their erection, they feel that bigger male member will draw woman again and again in bed which is a big relief to a male’s ego.

But surveys have stated that women desires males in bed again and again who can take their excitement at its peak and provide them complete mental and physical satisfaction. By mental satisfaction women mean that they love to be cared and pampered in bed rather than getting roughed up by their male partner’s strength and power or even his bigger erection. Practically the average size of an erection is just a measurement and nothing else, satisfying and winning a woman’s heart in bed requires much more than mere size of erection.

Males who worry about average size of erection or about overall size of male organ in erect state make themselves nervous and low on confidence, such males are highly vulnerable and fail to perform in bed. They blame their failure to smaller size of male organ. Whereas males who act with confidence and gain skills and knowledge to arouse and satisfy a woman rarely fail whatever may be size of their erection. The secret behind making satisfying and pleasurable love does not lie in size of male organ. Women possess sensitive nerves only in first three inches of their vagina, any male organ in erect state measuring 2-3 inches can provide satisfactory orgasm to a woman. But if male is unable to arouse a woman and perform for sufficient duration cannot bring woman to satisfaction even if he is overly endowed.

Perform foreplay for longer duration, start with pillow talks and caress and kisses. Slowly make things hotter by moving on to her delicate parts. Fondle her nipples and touch her clitoris to send blood rushing in her veins, penetrate her only when she is completely eager for it. One should always remember that average size of male organ means nothing, as it is not the length of male organ which works to create sensation, it is the width.

Width of male organ causes friction with walls of vagina and spurt waves of intense sensation. Penetrate your women in a way so that you give a decent rub to her vaginal walls with your male organ, and see how her body arches and shakes out of pleasure and in minutes she will come to a thunderous orgasm. If you can provide such pleasure for longer duration and gain another erection after one to perform in sessions she will desire you in bed again and again whether or not you have average erection size. Say good things in her ears while making love, admire her beauty and also how sexy she looks, you can also talk dirty if she likes it, all these things when put together will result in gratifying sexual encounter which she would anticipate again and again.

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