Whiteboard animation is a process where you can draw different things like pictures or create stories on whiteboard. People use it for different purposes like for example for advertising their products. In this modern age of technology this is a very unique and attractive way of promoting products.

So this is the little backgroud of whiteboard animation. Now we will discuss some of the best tools to create whiteboard animation videos.

What is Whiteboard Animation Video ?

The videos that involve animated use of pictures, sounds, shapes and different characters are called animated videos. This type of video creation has become very popular and used on different sites like Youtube, Dailymotion etc for educational purposes.Now I will tell you about 3 powerful tools to create Video animation.

3 Best Tools to create Whiteboard Animation Videos:

Let’s discuss them one by one !

1.Video Scribe

This tool helps you to create your own style animated videos without any design or technical knowledge. You just need an attractive idea, to let the world know about your product.It makes animated sketches out of the images you choose and then you have to place sketches or drawings and lastly you have to add voice or sound. All done ! The rest will be done by this tool. You just have to sit back and watch the whole process.


Another excellent tool to create animated whiteboard videos. This tool is also simple to use. Nothing complex in it. You can easily created videos and presentations with this tool. When you open this tool you will be guided the whole process from beginning to the end.


Last but not the least, another perfect tool to create whiteboard animation videos. Go Animate allows you to make your own professional whiteboard animation style videos using your favorite internet browser and your mouse on GoAnimate. This tool has thousands of hand drawn assets like background, props and lots of other professional and business related things.Whenever you add a whiteboard animation character, prop, background, or in a scene, this will appear to be drawn by a hand holding a marker pen in the final video. No extra action required. But this is not all. You can also easily adjust the image by changing its timing and adding a delay to better fit the video’s script.This tool is best for professional and business related work.

So, I hope now you understand what is whiteboard animation and what are some of the best tools to do it. Also if you are looking for professions help to create the whiteboard animation you may take the help of Spiel, who produces any style of whiteboard animation people need. I hope that you have enjoyed my article.

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