The windshield wiper is the American version of Windscreen wiper. It is an integral part of any four wheelers. In some states, it is so important that if you don’t have any windshield wiper in your vehicle, you have to pay fine for that. All the four wheelers like cars, train locomotives, trucks, jeep, some aircraft and watercraft with cabin have to be equipped with windshield wipers. In fact, it is a legal requirement for those vehicles.
Actually, a windshield wiper is a tool that is used to remove rain, ice, snow, and debris from the windscreen or windshield. It is very important part of a vehicle because, without good windshield wiper, you can’t have a safe driving. So, it provides important safety to you, your family and your vehicle as well.

How does a windshield wiper work?

Generally, in a wiper, there are a metal arm and a rubber blade. The rubber blade is attached to the arm. A power inside the wiper provides power to the wiper. It is sometimes an electric motor. But in some device pneumatic power is also used.
The blade of a windshield wiper moves back and forth on the glass. It pushes the water and other precipitation from the surface. Most often the speed of a windshield wiper is adjustable. There may be several continuous speeds and more intermittent settings. In most cases, the automobiles have two synchronized radial arms. On the other hand, some commercial vehicles sometimes have Pantograph arms.
The windshield washer system is also sometimes used. Using several nozzles this washer system sprays an antifreeze window washer fluid or water at the windshield. This system helps to eliminate dust or dirt from the windshield. This happens when it stays in concert with the wiper blades.
The windshield washer uses the fluid to remove the ice or snow. During winter some vehicles use additional heaters which aim at the windows. Sometimes, heating wire is embedded in the glass. This defroster system does not allow the snow or ice to build up on the windshield.
Power of windshield wiper
The windshield wiper is powered by different means. Now an electric motor mainly powers the windshield wiper. It does the work through a series of mechanical components. Basically, two 4-bar linkages are used in parallel or series.
The air operated braking system vehicles often use pneumatic wipers. Here power comes from a small amount of pressurized air originated from the brake system. The air is supplied to a motor (air operated) kept on the windshield.

Varieties of windshield wipers

The windshield wipers are not always used in the front windscreen only. To meet up some extra demand people are using the wiper in different places in the vehicle.

Rear wiper

Sometimes wiper is set on the back screen also. Generally, in the station wagons, hatchbacks, minivans, sport utility vehicles rear-window wiper is used. Some vehicles, which have the more vertically-oriented rear window, also use rear-wiper. They use this because in that place the possibility of accumulation of dust is too much.

Headlight wiper

In 1960 the security of vehicles increased very much. As a result, people started using headlight wipers. The headlight wiper became so important that in 1972 in Sweden it was mandatory to use a headlight wiper.
But now the use of headlight wiper is no more.

Hidden wiper

Nowadays some big cars use hidden wipers. Generally, the wipers are visible even after it is switched off. In the hidden wiper, the wipers come down below the wiping range. It parks at the bottom of the windshield and it is out of sight.

Rain-sensing wipers

How will you feel if the windshield wiper starts working just when it comes in touch of rain? It would be a great idea, isn’t it? Now some driver-programmable intelligent vehicles are equipped with such wipers. They can detect the amount and presence of the rain with a sensor. The frequency and speed of the wiper blades are adjusted according to the frequency of the rain.
Thus, the variation of the windshield wipers has been increased with increased demand of the riders.
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