A lot of women haven't got the slightest idea when it's time to or what to say when talking dirty to a guy. Among the simplest ways around this problem and start driving your man crazy with sexy erotic talk is to make a plan and decide what you're not going to say to him, such as not bringing up his past seductions or anything which you already know will turn him off. Men have really pictorial minds, they can build a full color image in their minds from the most simplified of verbal descriptions, and this is something which is unquestionably there for you to take advantage of.

>>>> Ask him what he desires! If he's not very outgoing or appears a bit timid, take the first step and begin to tell him what you like and how he makes you feel when he's doing it to you. The phrase "How does that feel baby" will always receive a reply, weather it a simple moan or groan...Keep the energy going since before he knows it he will have joined into the conversation.

Knowing what words to say while talking dirty can be a serious minefield particularly if your man is a bit timid, the last thing you would like to do is make him believe that you are some sort of freak by coming out with some unconscionable fantasies.

>>>> Remember that he's a Man so don't become to captured up in all the details, if he's the type of guy who would doze off viewing a good movie, too much detail might do the same thing. Keep it childlike...Most of recognizing what to speak while talking dirty to a guy is simply about the fundamentals, this may not look as if it would work but it does. Play the part to...Use your body as a tool...Dress like a slut and really blow his mind!

>>>> You'll also want to remember that a man has an Ego as Hugh as a house so when you begin on your fantasies make a point you use this to your advantage, tell him how strong he is and how well endowed he is. One point I had better make here is that if he has not got a very good body and isn't that well endowed you praise some other attributes otherwise he's going to believe that you're just mocking him.

Talking dirty has the power and will better your sex life and as well step-up your sex drive. Once you get in to the swing of things you'll find that your fantasies get more and more graphic. If your somewhat uneasy...Try writing down what you want to say and practice in front of a mirror. A little advice that has really helped me is to compose a dirty text message...Then speak it and picture how he's going to respond. Then I send it...Try it!

Text messaging short sexy texts will really get things started...So be ready when he gets home! Just remember it's just you and him...And have fun!

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