Paving contractors are companies that specialize in making paved like surfaces. These surfaces could be sidewalks, roads or even floors made of concrete. There are paving contractor companies that will also take contracts for big projects like airport runways. Paving contractors New Jersey are normally hired by homeowners and municipal agencies to make new pavement surfaces or repair existing ones. Most paving contractors will either specialize in residential or commercial work but there are others who will do both if they have invested in the necessary equipment and job personnel.

Residential Paving Contractors

These contractors mainly work with homeowners. They will normally discuss the project required, figure out approximate cost of materials and labor and then give the homeowner a quotation. Homeowners require the services of the best paving contractors Ocean County to put down a walkway, patio or a floor. They can also repair stairs or walkways, and there are those who simply concentrate on landscape paving. Some of the work the contractors do will also include stone items like installing a poured surface, and outdoor pavers or tiles.

Commercial paving contractors

The best commercial Paving Contractors New Jersey will normally give commercial property managers an outline of a bid and quotation for the tasks they will perform. The lowest bidder is mostly the one that gets the job although this is not a rule of thumb. Commercial contractors always report their progress to the general contractor or construction manager instead of the owner. One of the main jobs of commercial paving contractors Ocean County includes installing floors, walkways and parking lots in new developments. If the company has got a municipal contract they may also be required to repair any damage in existing pavements like potholes, lay new roads and sidewalks or repair potholes and cracks.

Machines used

Paving contractors New Jersey needs to employ the services of big equipment machinery which include:
• Dump truck to haul away excess dirt, gravel or stones, or waste products
• Tamping machines. These are huge machines that are used in flattening out dirt surfaces or gravel.
• Exactor to set up land for paving.
• Paving machine to smooth the freshly laid out parking lot or road.

Requirements for becoming a paving contractor

A career in paving work is very attractive and there is a wide market for new Paving Contractors New Jersey. You must be wiling you work in all types of weather and be comfortable working in busy roads since most of the paving is done in traffic. You hold also be prepared to experience flagging and road safety. Working as a paving contractor, you will be confronted with stress because of dirty, noisy and busy working environment. If you’re hot asphalt you should be ready to deal with potential toxic fumes and varying heat levels.

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