It is the beginning of another 12 month cycle and I am sure you are wondering what new and exciting adventures and challenges your soul has signed up for! The good news is that you can find out using the Akashic records.

The Akashic records are the vibrational library of your soul's journey. Not your personality, but your soul. In this library are stored all your life's experiences, thoughts and feelings from this life time and past life times. It also holds the outline of your future. Until the last century only mystics, scholars and saints had access to the records. The most well known Akashic reader from the last century was Edgar Cayce. Because of the change in energy on the planet in the last few decades, reading your records has become easier.

Before you came onto the planet, you sat with your masters, teachers and loved ones to determine what life lessons and experiences you wanted to have. You of course gave enough space for choice or free will. Looking through your records you also chose family groups to come with to accelerate your learning. These family groups consist of friends, relatives and acquaintances. They are hear to help you learn.

When you receive a reading you have the opportunity to heal past patterns and blocks that no longer serve you. Reading the records are about hearing your soul's truth. When you hear your truth and understand the lessons from it, you release your soul from having to learn it again and again. The vibration in your records changes immediately, creating profound healing and growth. If you've ever asked yourself the question, "Why do I keep repeating this?". You're trying to access your records and find the truth.

By understanding what your soul is up to, you have the benefit of making different choices and accelerating your growth in 2010. You do not have to make the same mistakes over and over again.

Author's Bio: 

Mona Wind is an accomplished energy therapist and teacher, medium and Akashic record reader with many happy clients and students. She is known by her clients as the accelerator because of her unique gift to see the core issue almost immediately. She is trained as a Reiki Master, EFT & IET Practitioner, Certified Practitioner of the Akashic Records, and Theta Healer. Her website is