Being diagnosed with cancer is a fear that many people have. There are a number of different cancers out there and as a person gets older, they are more vulnerable to them. When it comes to cancer, there are many causes and reasons why someone contracts a cancer. There are some people who experience cancer on a large basis, some on a small basis while others never experience it in their lives. The one cancer that is still looming in causes is thyroid cancer.

There are four kinds of tumors that are considered malignant. There tumors are anaplastic, medullary, papillary and follicular. Although there are four main types, papillary is the most common of them. Moreover, women are often times affected by papillary varieties more than men. These women usually have an age range of 30-40 years old.

Papillary thyroid cancer is seen not only in men and women but in children as well. There is also an increase in thyroid cancer for those that have been previously treated for thyroid cancer through radiation; typically to the head or neck.

The main age group for those that suffer from thyroid cancer are ages 25 through 65. The growth will usually be slow and often time’s pops back up after treatment. The good news is; thyroid cancer is not typically fatal to those that are younger than 45 years old.

Among the thyroid cancers, anaplastic cancer is seen as the most aggressive while growing fast and being largely unresponsive to treatments. This makes it very hard to treat or cure. Medullary cancer, although hard in itself to cure can usually have a good success rate if caught in its early stages. This means that the cancer is contained strictly within the thyroid gland and has not spread beyond those barriers. When a cancer spreads, it is referred to as metastasized.

There are a few symptoms that can help distinguish if someone is suffering from thyroid cancer. The first symptom is usually seen right by the thyroid gland. It takes the form of a nodule, or bump. The nodule is typically round and firm. When these are seen, this is not typically the actual cancer and is often times benign.
When a person reaches the age of 70, there is a greater risk of thyroid cancer. Nearly 70% of people have a thyroid nodule by the time they reach this age. Even when a person reaches 50, they have a 40% chance of having a thyroid nodule. In other words, many people will get one of these bumps sometime in their life but it does not mean they have cancer. People 20 or younger in age that have a bump should definitely have the bump checked because it is uncommon to have one so young.

Voice changes and pain in the front part of the neck are also symptoms of thyroid cancer. It should be noted, however, that those with underactive and overactive thyroid glands and have a bump are more than likely not cancerous.

In order to be completely sure the nodule is not cancerous, or even chance it, the doctor might just order for the removal of the bump. This might also coincide with removing the thyroid gland as well. During this time the tissue around the gland will be inspected to see if signs of cancer are present. This type of careful inspection is usually done when a doctor might suspect that a person has an anaplastic or medullary type. There are some very extreme cases where a person could lose their vocal chords which leave them unable to speak.

For those that have the follicular or papillary type of cancer, there is better news with regards to treatment. Most of the time an introduction to radioactive iodine to the cancer cells will stop them in their tracks. Unfortunately, this method does not work with those suffering from medullary or anaplastic cancers. When the radioiodine treatments are completed, a person will be placed on very high doses of an oral medication such as Thyroxine or you choose armour which has to be made up by a compound pharmacist. These medications are taken to lessen the production of TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). The thyroid stimulating hormone needs to be slowed down because if it produces too much, it could cause problems.
Levothyroxine or armour is treatments which are used to treat hypothyroidism. This is usually the result of the thyroid not being removed and compromised in its ability to work properly. In cases where the person has undergone treatments for thyroid cancer, this is very common. Levothyroxine is a manmade thyroid hormone. North Americans know this better by the name of Synthroid. It is a medication that many people who suffered from thyroid cancer will have to be on for the rest of their lives. Or you can choose a more natural alternative which is armour. It is being derived from pigs and highly effective.

Be sure to check any bumps you see on your neck to ensure that it is not cancerous. The earlier you catch the cancer, the better chances of success in curing it. Once a cancer spreads, it can often cause a lot of damage quick. Regular visits and checkups to the doctors will help catch any warning signs that are present.

If you suspect that you may have thyroid cancer, please contact your doctor immediately to get a sample taken to verify whether or not you do.

Last but not least you could choose to ask yourself too what my body is telling me. Usually the whispers have started a long time ago and you have ignored them.

Some of the message could have been that you were disconnected from your life’s purpose. Or maybe you were constantly trying to please other people. Being emotional unstable with all the ups and downs and confused.

It might be helpful when you can start to realize that cancer gives you a message of feeing limited, angry, out of control. Cancer lets you know that you have pushed down a lot of emotions which you didn’t wanted to deal with and as a result those emotions have become trapped. Trapping emotional feelings do have a negative impact on your immune system.

Hence when you are ready to take full responsibility for your reality creations, and be willing to forgive yourself for the pain you have inflicted upon yourself and as a result of this also upon your loved ones, you can start a healing journey of the body, mind, soul and spirit.

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My own health is what has driven me to become supremely qualified as a holistic health practitioner.
The journey began in 1984, when I first understood that the mind-body-soul connection is the key to vibrant health. It is called psycho-neuro–immunology. My path of discovery has been an exciting one and, at almost 70, I marvel at how it has worked to keep me focused, healthy and dynamic.

Helping people to understand how they can take charge of their own health has become my main priority. Hence, the educational process which shows others what is challenging their health and how to change is a rewarding process for both parties.

My education in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine with ACNEM (Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine ) started in 1999 and continues to this day as the understanding of the human body magnifies. If you click on the practitioners tab on their site, you will find me listed under Western Australia.

By 2002 I was involved in looking at pathology profiles with completely different eyes. It deepened my understanding of certain scientific laboratory technologies that can define and suggest how to rectify health imbalances before they mature into full-fledged disease.

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I trained under Terry McGlendon whose program is endorsed by the Royal College of General Practitioners and Applied Psychology in Australia. He is the only Australian to be part of the original group that studied with highly esteemed co-developers Dr. Richard Bandler and Dr. John Grinder from its inception in 1972.

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