After figuring out why they should write a book or e-book, it seems this is one of the most common questions people ask me. They may have a topic in mind but don’t think they know enough or don’t consider themselves “expert” enough to write a book. I once read that if you know more about a subject than someone else, you’re an expert.

What you should write about will be determined by the purpose of your book or e-book. I generally ask potential clients to complete my questionnaire, and the first question is: what is the purpose of your book — for you? The second question is: what is the purpose of the book — for your reader? Too few authors, it seems, have answered these questions for themselves before embarking on their book writing adventure.

If you answer these questions you’ll get clarity on what to write about. For example, if the purpose of writing a book or e-book for you is to attract clients and serve as a lead generator, the topic should be the area of expertise or knowledge surrounding the service or product you provide. The book will position you as an expert in this industry and build your brand.

If the purpose is to create passive profits, you might want to write about a subject you know is hot and that people want to know about. You might consider researching a subject area that’s new to you but in which you’ve always had an interest. If you want to add more products to build a steady stream of passive income, you might want to plan an e-book, audio recording, e-course, and other info-products, all to the same market or on the same subject.

And if your motivation is to impact others with your wisdom and experience, write about solutions to the common problems your target market has. They will appreciate your advice and become followers and supporters. They’ll want to purchase your other products and services as well. And you’ll be able to help so many more people than you can with your one-on-one service.

You might also do research in your target niche or a new one to see what’s been written and where there’s a void that you might fill. People need answers to their questions and problems that are practical and easy to understand from someone who has experience and is an expert.

So, now what would you like to write about?

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