Mattress is not just for a relaxing sleep but it also keeps the body in better health. Sleeping on a good mattress helps you get up fresh and energetic. Regular checking of the condition of the mattress is very important to keep yourself fit and healthy.

What is the reason behind restless sleep?

One of the reasons that cause restless sleep is due to sleeping on a poor-quality mattress. If the top of the spring core lacks comfort ingredients, then it will wear out very quickly than the springs. This causes restless nights and deficient sleep.

When to switch to a new mattress?

Every mattress comes with a lifetime. There are certain indications that would give you an idea to replace the mattress by a new one. If you are looking for best quality mattress, then is the best place to begin your search for mattress firm. It is a reputed mattress seller in the US that provides an excellent collection of the superior quality mattress at one place.

If your mattress has got more than eight years old

You need to change the mattress once it attains specific age. After certain years of use, you should replace it. Many people have the habit of forgetting when they had purchased the last mattress. You should make it a habit of preserving the bills/documents related to the mattress so that you can refer to them whenever you need it.

A typical mattress lasts easily for seven to ten years. Some mattresses also come with higher mattress, i.e., twenty-year warranty. Also, learn that warranty covers certain parts such as springs and workmanship. The overall comfort of the mattress is not covered and has to be borne by the user.

Insufficient rest

Many people, even after they get a good amount of sleep complain of fatigue, and pain in different areas of the body. This is the sign that shows that you are using the wrong quality mattress. A good mattress gives you a good night sleep and makes you feel properly rested and refreshed.

When you feel drowsy and tired after waking up, then it can be due to spending a lot of time in tossing and turning on the bed throughout the sleep time. Your body works hard to find a relaxing sleeping position that it fails to find with an inferior quality mattress.

Experiencing body pains and aches

If you are waking up with stiffness and tiredness throughout your body at the beginning of the day, then it could be the sign that your mattress needs replacement. This happens especially when your mattress gets old. It tends to lose the ability to offer enhanced support.

Once the comfort ingredients contained in it wears out, then you will experience pressure at different areas of the points by lying directly on the springs. As the comfort layer tends to lose its compression, then the mid-section which is the heavier portion of the body will start sagging into the mattress.

This is the underlying reason to experience a significant amount of pain in the back, neck, and shoulders. You will also experience uncomfortable pressure points that would lead you to tossing and turning throughout the night. Morning back and neck pain that when increases is an indication that your mattress is not providing you desired firmness. You should invest in a new good quality mattress.


Every mattress comes with a warranty.  Using it after the warranty time can cause harm to your body. For best sleep experience, it is important to replace it after a specified period has lapsed.

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