I was talking with two friends, one said she was happy and the other said she was not happy. Where does happiness come from?

Two different people who are very similar, but at the same time very different people, one being happy and the other not happy at all. Where does happiness come from? Are some people happy because their lives make them happy? Or are some people happy because they choose to be happy?

Two Different People

The one woman is always looking for something in the future to make her happy. She wants to travel here and there but she does not have the money. She wants money but in this economy, it’s not been coming her way, she wants to go to the beach but will not take the time. She wants to have a healthy body, but she is not willing to put in the time and effort to make that happen. And she complains all the time about this or that.

While the other lady is in about the same situation but she is always happy no matter what she has going on. Sometimes bills pile up but she is always happy. She would like to travel, but if she can’t she is happy at home. She takes the time to eat right, exercises every day, and to meditate for long periods of time daily. And she never complains about anything… and always tries to see the good in life. And she goes out and helps the neighborhood and enjoys her community.

What Makes One Person Happy and Not the Other?

The first person is always looking to the outer world to make her happy. If something does not go right she gets upset and becomes sad and feels down. She wants to travel but doesn’t have the funds to do so she feels bad. And she knows she should take care her body but she is too busy to take the time… and this also makes her feel sad.

The second person looks inside for happiness. If something negative happens she does not get upset… she just starts in the process of finding the answer to the challenge. She wants to travel but she too does not have the funds right now… but she never worries about it. She knows there is a Higher Power watching over her and sooner or later good things will happen. And she is very happy being at home, working in her garden, and helping people whenever she can. She takes the time to meditate and that brings her joy and happiness no matter what she has going on.

What’s the Difference

One person keeps looking to the outer world to make her happy… happiness has never be found in the outer world.

One has lots of desires… desires keep us feeling trapped.

One knows what she needs to do but she is not willing to do it… this creates unhappiness.

One sees the good in the world… and the other only sees the bad.

One meditates and finds happiness inward… and the other is not willing to meditate and thus feels unhappy.

The Bottom Line

We create our happiness with every single thing we do, say, and think. It’s been said in all the spiritual texts “You are the creator of your own life”. Thus we have the ability to be happy if we want to be happy… but it takes time and effort.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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