Unfortunately guys are not blessed with as many erotic points as girls are. They say that with a girl every part of her body can trigger wild sensations, if touched right, that’s partly because girls are much more in touch with their bodies than guys are.

For some guys the only part of their body that stimulates them sexually is their penis, they almost seem numb to touching on any other part of their body. That being said, guys can get aroused at the drop of a hat with or without any touching. Guys are highly visual creatures, so what they see arouses them more than anything else, this is mostly the reason why guys like to have sex in light.

So what are the most common erotic points for guys?

The foreskin – This is basically the skin covering their penis (if he is not circumcised). Most guys grow up stimulating themselves by working their foreskin back and forth, this is what makes it so sensitive to touch. All you need to do is touch the skin delicately or roughly with your hands to get him instantly stimulated. You can also pull the foreskin back and forth to pleasure him, with practice you will be able to determine if the guy likes delicate strokes or rough, most guys prefer a combination. Guys love to be touched on their foreskin even when their penis is not fully erect, you can either wrap your fingers around it or just tease it with a single finger.

The head of his penis – This is true only when there is a full erection. There is nothing more sensitive than the bulbous head of his penis when it’s fully pumped and erect. There are several nerve ending that terminate on this bare head and this makes the area highly delicate and sensitive. Don’t pinch or bite roughly around this area as it is likely to injure him. The best thing to do would be to touch gently with your fingers in a revolving motion.

The nipples – Guys don’t have sensitive nipples the way girls do but many find it pretty erotic to be sucked or touched around this area. You can pinch, twist or suck on his nipple to get him groaning out of pleasure. Using your fingers you can tease his nipples by circling around them. The tip of the nipple is quite sensitive for most guys and they find it very stimulating when a girl flicks her tongue over it.

The under thighs – Most guys find it very sexual when a girl bites or touches them on the under part of their thighs close to their crotch. You can tease him by playing with his foreskin will you touch the under part of his thighs, this is bound to get some serious stimulation going for him. You can use your tongue around this region to send some erotic waves through him.

The butt – Guys again are not as sensitive as girls when it comes to this region, but it definitely scores as a highly erotic area. Of course it’s even more erotic to touch him along the butt line. Some guys love it when a girl digs her finger nails into their butt cheeks.

The neck – If you want to turn a guy on just kiss him passionately around the corner of his neck where it joins the shoulder. If you just touch around his neck with your fingers it quite unlikely that he will respond, but a wet kiss around this region is sure to get him fired. This is also a great area to plant some bites.

Quite frankly, the only area that guys would love you to place your attention would be their penis. All other areas can be neglected and they wouldn’t care much, their main point of stimulation has always stood be just that one single mass of muscle. Use your hands and mouth skillfully around this region and you will have him groaning in no time.

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