Being one of the city dwellers in Baulkham Hills you probably know the fact of blasting frozen pipes in winter. If you are one of those homeowners who make yourself comfortable with this problem and never stop finding hundreds of DIY to cope with the fatal problem, this is the high time to change your process of living. Well, blast pipe problem in winter is common in Australia; therefore, you need to get the common solution that will get you the right plumber Baulkham Hills, not the unnatural DIY that you has been trying for years.

Know the steps that you have to take when the blast pipes take place in your home.

  1. Shut off the main water and the electric supply

First thing first. The very first step should be shutting off the main water line when you find out that the frozen pipe takes place.  A little crack on the pipe line matters a lot when the whole water inside the pipe has been frozen. The intense pressure of the ice leads a severe break down in many places. Many time people find out a better solution with the DIY and come with the heat lamp or the hair dryer. However, the experts say that the propane torch or the hair dryers are very dangerous because of the possibilities of the catching fire. On the other hand, they ask you to shut off the water lines and the main line of electricity supply.

  1. Hold the frozen part of the pipe

People delay in calling the local plumber Hills District when it happens in the exterior part of their house. Either they try some DIYs or leave them for a while or think that the frozen water will be liquefied after some time. They show the urge to call the experts only when they find that the pipes have been a blast due to the intense pressure of the frozen water. Well, call the plumber if the pipes are not broken and put some mulches on the frozen areas till the plumbers come.

  1. Call the plumber

Calling the Plumber Hills District is a must. No matter the pipes are broken or not, make a call to the emergency plumbing company right now. Not all plumbing agencies are ready to serve you in the moment of crisis. Therefore, call the right professional company. They will visit your place as soon as possible. Apart from that, they will suggest some quick relief from the big risk till the experts come.

  1. Submit an insurance claim

If you are in Australia you surely have the insurance of plumbing hazard. Therefore, submit an insurance claim to your insurance agent they will help you to take further steps.

Are you still determined to follow your regular DIY? Perhaps not as you know the risk factors. Therefore, make sure that you are with the best plumber Baulkham Hills when the frozen pipes or the blast pipes happen in your place.


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