Lots of people ask why do we have evil in the world… here is the short answer.

It would have been easy to create beings that did not think and just served but they would not be able to give their love freely to God, the Universe, and Great Spirit. On the average robots only do what they are told to do and thus they don’t have free will. And free will is all important to Great Spirit, for the power of choice makes everything worth while. For to not have free will means we could not love, for love is part of free will, and freedom is part of love… they are inseparable.

Great Spirit is the light, and Great Spirit also chooses to create that which is the opposite of light so we could understand the light. There is no light without darkness because we need something to compare light too. Thus evil was allowed to take hold in order to give us the power of choice to choose light over darkness. And light and love are the same, and evil and darkness are the same… and thus to choose light is to choose love.

Everyone is living in a state of grace right now… but many don’t know it. It’s a choice to be filled with love or just the opposite. Some will see difficult times as a way of bringing themselves closer to Great Spirit, and others will spurn that love and move away… it’s all a choice.

It’s all about being conscious of Great Spirits presence in our lives. To see everything as God, and to know everyone is God if we choose to see it that way. And also to have self-respect for ourselves… because we are made of divine energy. And that divine energy is moving through our body as the essence that creates life itself. As one Guru said, “I am God, You are God and Everything in Between is God”. And thus to have self-respect and to have respect for others is all part of having a divine nature.

Of course, there are those who don’t believe in anything other than the material realm, and thus they only believe in fame, fortune, and physical pleasure. And evil will do whatever it takes to have more power, more fame, more glory to rule supreme over others. While a person who understands the light will choose to be one with the light, truth, and love. And thus fame and fortune mean nothing to them… and thus they choose to help others instead.

So basically in the end… it all boils down to the power of choice.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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