Many people these days have to confront with thinning and loss of hair due to various reasons. These people are now opting for hair loss treatment. Thus the need for excellent surgical skills and great esthetic understandings are high in demand. Our promise of successful treatment is backed by our team that has good experience, great knowledge and proven talents.

Various factors decide the hair transplant

A. Thinning and stage of balding- a trichologist after thorough diagnosis will determine the stage of baldness and hair thinning. Depending on condition the final amount of your surgery is decided.

B. Size and number of graft- cost is also estimated as to how many grafts, and what size of graft has to be placed. More the number of grafts the price increases accordingly.

C. Desired density- desired hair density you require is directly proportional to the cost of your treatment. If you desire long and good volume, you will have to spend more money. In case you desire otherwise then you will just have pay for basic cost of the graft.

D. Availability of hair in donating area- if the donor area on head is not efficient and healthy, body hair transplantation has to be used. You may be charged accordingly then.

Besides these factors the cost of hair transplant treatment also depends on –

-    Technique of hair transplant surgery to be used.

-    Experience of the hair specialist

-    Also if after first session desired results are not obtained, subsequent sessions may be required and thus, the cost of the treatment may vary. Patients with wider bald scalp usually requires more sessions.

Is that worthy to pay for it?

These treatments may appear to be costly but these offer a permanent and life time solutions to hair loss; which is comparatively less than that with use of lotions or corticosteroid injection which have to be used life-long.

Generally the minimum number of graft used in a patient is 600; which is also for patients with minimal hair loss. In case of extensive hair loss and big bald patches, number of minimum grafts increase to 1500. However, these often increase which is confirmed after consultation with hair specialist. It is up to patient as to how much do they like to spend.

Follicular unit extraction procedure and cost

Follicular unit extraction procedure is carried out most extensively by hair specialist in Ankara. FUE (follicular unit extraction) is a manual process wherein each follicle removed and implanted to the desired site, thus making it a time consuming process. But you will have to give it extra credits as offers very natural results and leave no scares at donor site. Hence all the price is worth it.

Average cost per graft is $5-10 in the US with cost of treatment summing up to$3,000 - $30,000. Whereas the cost hair transplant in the United Kingdom reaches to $4,300-21,500 (£3,000 to £15,000). The price in Australia is almost similar to these countries. But in Australia hair transplantation is included in cosmetic surgery and so only private clinic offer these practices.

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