“And Why Does God Stand By and Let This Happen”

Many people have been asking me why the world is in such a terrible place and why God is allowing this to happen.

First of all, the energy of God is love and love will never harm anyone no matter what. God only wants that which is for our highest good. And man has been given the power of freedom of choice and our freedom of choice will never be taken away. 

Humanity has the ability to choose love at any time. Yet man on a regular basis has moved in the direction of greed, envy, ego, and the accumulation of power. Which is just the opposite of love, this has nothing to do with God, the Universe, and Great Spirit… it’s all has to do with man.

Love creates positive karma and all the rest creates negative karma.

Thus we are creating our present and our future according to the accumulation of karma that we have created. And so far mankind's karma on the average has been mostly that of negative karma— with 40 wars going on all the time and people suffering every single day.

We could change this at any time,
if mankind would rise up and say, “NO MORE”.

Thus karma will play out accordingly, while God is watching and hopes that mankind will change. Yet right now we have a glut of corn and other grains in the US while people in Africa and Yemen die of starvation every single day... thousands die daily... all in the name of greed. 

We have come to this plane to end suffering, not create more suffering thus the never ending cycle of karma keeps moving along. 

If only 10% of us would come together and meditate on world peace things would change. But on the average, we have a hard time even getting together 1% let alone 10% to meditate on peace daily. This life is what it is… and it will play out accordingly… just pray my friends… just pray and focus on the good.

There is a lot of good in the world, focus on the good, and later in about 5 or 6 years mankind will take a step in a direction of healing everything in the world. But it may get a little dicey in between so love and love some more and look to the future… for in the future, we will find what we are looking for.  

Many Blessings to Everyone! 

Dr. Paul Haider 

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