We have known for years that while spending some time in the sun is good for us, prolonged exposure to the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause skin blemishes and even cancer. Getting that healthy-looking tan can be a very unhealthy process, and for people who are particularly fair skinned or do not tan well, tanning in the sun is nearly pointless in addition to unhealthy. With sunless tanners, users get the appearance of being tan without the harmful UV rays. It is also convenient—instead of lying in the sun or a tanning bed for hours to get just the right tan, a quick application of a sunless tanner does the job in less than an hour. A sunless tanner can provide an even, all-over tan with no lines. For those who burn instead of tan, they can finally have the bronze skin they always wanted.

Many people had preferred sunless tanning because of the convenience that sunless tanning can give to them. Who will still prefer to go lying under the sun for hours where in fact you can just walk into the salon and come out for just a short time already with that tan look? Sunless tanning is best for people who don't tan easily and people who have fair skin that burn easily. People are not required to stay long under the sun but instead it only needs a little following of instructions to apply the product the right way. You will have that golden and glowing tan skin without even worrying about the damage that the UV rays of the sun can contribute. Another benefit from sunless tanning is that you get a package that includes moisturizers and sunscreens which are both good for the skin. Just rub the tanner on the skin before you moisturize it and use the sunscreen to get yourself protected. With sunless tanning, we don't need to spend much time under the hot sun but still we can get the tan we want to achieve. At the same time, as we can avoid sun rays, we can avoid skin cancer and sun burn too.

Although sunless tanning is more expensive than just tanning under the sun, it is now more affordable than before because of the competition around. Salons try to come up with some promotions to attract customers. Sunless tanning is the easiest and fastest way to get that tan look you've ever wanted. If you have an important event to attend to like parties, wedding or any occasion, you just go to a salon and get that tan look that matches with the color of your dress in just a matter of minutes. This is much better than sitting or lying under the sun within hours of beating the health risks that we can get from overexposure to the sun's rays. Through the use of sunless tanning product, you can bypass the damage we can get from the sun. Sunless tanners don't cause any harm to the skin or cause any cellular damage. Sunless tanning is considered to be a safe way to tan considering today's spray tan products are of much higher quality than before. You no longer have to worry of those orange streaky, instead a more glowing, golden, sunless tan is achieved.

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