Dubai became one of the most astonishing cities in the Middle East and Asia. In less than 10 years, the city succeeded to attract numerous visitors from all over the world. With many distinctive parks, gardens, museums, shopping malls, night spots, restaurants, and bars, many travelers from various regions love to spend their vacations in Dubai.

The city is even more popular for hosting many events and festivals all year long. During the summer of 2017, Dubai would be having a lot of fun with several remarkable events. Today, we would be highlighting some of the most interesting this summer.

Modhesh World 2017

Modhesh World is an amazing event with lots of activities and enjoyable moments that children and all family members would be delighted. The events of Modhesh World include various arts’ workshops for kids and grownups.

This is in addition to many live art concerts and different performances. Many fast and fresh foods are served as well through different outlets. This is an event not to be missed by any travelers who are planning to spend their holidays in Dubai in the summer of 2017.

The event would be taking place from the 20th of June till the 12th of August from 10 in the morning till 10 at night. Fridays and Saturdays working hours would be from 10 in the morning till 12 at night. Modhesh World is among the most interesting events of Dubai this summer that grabs the attention of many tourists who travel to Dubai.

La Perle

One of the most wonderful shows around the world would be visiting Dubai this summer. La Perle where imagination blends with reality in a magnificent huge theatre that is especially designed and established in Dubai for the show.

The theatre would be accommodating more than 1300 spectators. This is in addition to a huge amount of water as the actors and performers would be diving during the show. Can you imagine watching a performance where all the actors are in fact diving while playing their roles? This event is never to be missed by tourists who are planning to spend their vacations in Dubai in the summer of 2017.

The event would be taking place from the 31st of August till the 31st of December 2017. The performance would be taking place from Tuesday to Friday at 7 and 9:30 in the evening and on Saturday at 4 and 7 in the afternoon.

Dubai Sports World 2017

One of the largest sports events would be organized in Dubai in 2017. Dubai Sports World would be hosting many different competitions including that would be held in four courts for 5 players' football, four courts for 7 players' football and Rugby, six courts for basketball, 3 courts for tennis, and one volleyball court. Any sports fan that is spending his holiday in Dubai in the summer of 2017 should never miss this wonderful sports tournament.

There would be also many new sports and activities including a place for skiing, Ninja warriors arena, and a huge space for trampoline. This is in addition to "Just Play" that offers a huge variety of activities for kids from all ages.

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