There are many physical and personality traits that we look at when choosing the partner for life and even though making a decision solely based on someone's appearance, such as a person's height may be doomed as completely superficial, we still do take these things into consideration. As human as we strive to be, some of our choices are still based on instincts and subconsciousness.

A widely accepted model of a heterosexual couple is a man, who is taller, and a woman, who is shorted than the man. And it looks like it has been like this forever.

There is a possibility that it all may date back to 1.8 million years ago to the society of hunters and gatherers. Women, who were "gathering" wild berries and vegetables wanted to be in a "relationship" with men, the hunters, who could provide the "family" with meat and protection. And the taller and stronger they were, the better they could provide for the family.

Some people, whether they are men or women, tend to strictly stick to the commonly accepted model of a couple; as a result women won't go for shorter men, and men won't go for taller women.

Another commonly accepted assumption is that men care less about women's height; many men even find appealing the idea of dating women taller than them. Yet, women tend to be a little bit more "concervative" in their selection.

So, what is it that women like in men taller than them? Nobody can answer this question better than women themselves. So, here are some of their answers, received through a forum thread:

"I am 5'5" tall and it makes me fill weird being around a guy who is 5'4" tall. To be honest, I don't like having to bend down to have the guy kiss me." – wrote one woman.

"I like to have my date taller than me. I don't like feeling myself like a deer." – wrote another one.

"I am tall, but I still would like my man to be taller than me so that we don't look like a cow and a chick." – yet another interesting comment.

Based on the 3 comments given above a conclusion could be made that some women need their man to be taller than them because they are either insecure about their own height, or are looking for approval of the society they live in. But there are others; read the following comment:

"The guy I am dating is tall and I feel myself secure and protected in his arms. I would not feel myself protected with a man who is shorter than me."

As you can see, other preferences of being with a man who is taller are in women' genes.

Are you concerned about your height or other physical traits? There is no need to be. The nicest thing about the nature is that everyone is born with a different height and weight and there is always someone out there for everyone. Start searching your mate today, and most importantly, don't forget that loving someone is not measured by height, but is measured with love from your heart.

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Alex Kravchenko is an owner of a Ukrainian dating site, who has been working in a field of dating for more than 7 years. Other than maintaining his site's operations, he writes articles on relationship and dating advice.