Have you been feeling the scorching heat outside? Summer afternoons are raising the temperature day-by-day and all we want is to take a break from our work and have a peaceful nap amid the greenery of our garden. Sometimes, when our eyes see naturalness all around, we feel fresh from inside and that’s why it’s important to grow plants. The best way to start with it is to install small and medium size wooden planter boxes.

A garden planter box is a container used to put plants inside it and suitable for their nourishment and growth. Nowadays, the unusual shapes and sizes of wooden planters make them noteworthy among people. With a range of different designs and colours, they can be placed in the patios, hanged in the balconies with a cascade of lovely flowers and used to house miniature trees. The uses of planters are many. Whether you put them indoors or outdoors, their aim is to bring elegance throughout. Let’s see how planters can be efficiently used everywhere in your house.

1. Indoor Planters: The shape and appearance of indoor planters are way too different from the outdoor ones. The sizes and styles are quite dramatic. Generally speaking, people prefer growing herbs inside the house. For this reason, they buy small wooden pots of fresh herbs. Here is a better idea. Grab small planters as they are perfect to nurture the basil, rosemary, thyme and sage. Also, watering them in planters won’t spill the liquid from the bottom.
One of the other important plants for indoors is cacti. You can find a different range of planters for this popular interior plant. Now, the second prominent aspect of indoor planter boxes is the design to match with different decors. The selection of the correct planter box online requires a couple of things to be kept in your mind like space limitations, the colour combination with other knick-knacks of the house, kitchen cabinets, etc.

Hanging planters in balconies of flats or small apartments is trending. Since there is lots of unoccupied space in the porch area, you can hang multiple planters linearly or in any other way you desire. One more category is the wall planters. The said unit can adorn the kitchen, living, and dining space of your home with beautiful blossoms.

Apart from the particular purpose they are known for, indoor planters can make a second-hand storage for wood and plastics, drink cans, showpieces, any unwanted ornaments and lots of other external stuff.

2. Outdoor Planters: It goes without saying, the need of outdoor garden planters is much more than their presence inside the house. From simple and practical to big and ornate, they come in styles people can hardly imagine. Speaking about the outdoor wooden planter stands, buyers generally opt urn style designs. But, the patterns now have reached far ahead from the traditional shapes. The unusual textures, colours and styles can transcend your minimalist garden to an exotic overgrown territory.

Purchasing planters for outdoors depends upon the size and shape of your garden area. There are enormous designs you can choose for your grassy garden. Buy the oversized wooden flower pot designs to nourish ferns and hydrangeas or grow a topiary in a long container. Classic wooden flower box planters can be stood on either side of your main door. Tall garden planters can be organised around gazebos as well.
One interesting concept is the use of illuminated planters if you have ponds in the gardens. These units look fascinating in the dusky hours. Also, you can use floating planters to rise blooms and herbs. The idea of floating planters is really good as they help in improving the water quality, reduce the generation of algae and look adorable in the pond where you have fishes.

Wooden planters serve utmost versatility to the garden as well as the indoor spaces. Whether your desire is to get a contemporary makeover to your patio or enhance the beauty of the interiors, wooden plant stands can add creativity to your house.

Imagine your paradise as a heaven corner and select the correct planter unit to come out clean as per your preferences. Add some droplets of colour and fun to your cosy environment with beautiful wooden flower pot designs.

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