Writing dissertation is a wonderful thing to do provided you know how to go about the whole process, many times when you start wondering how to write and what to write you may get confused so today I would like to share on how to write the best Research Proposal for dissertation since this is something very important and if you want acceptance of your teacher to carry out the research this should be of a good standard and should help in making an addition, yet positive contribution in the field of study.

The notes and points that I am going to share will help you write a very well structured research proposal especially for your PhD in clear and meaningful way. Since the better your proposal is more are the chances of it being accepted to continue your PhD degree:

The research proposal certainly plays an important part in the process of your PhD application process therefore it is required to spend good time and energy on it. It identifies the nature of the study that you chose to carry out research about and how you are going to do it e.g. which methods would be used.

So remember to include two main features while writing a research proposal:

  • Mention how you are skilled enough to carry out an independent analysis and thinking on your topic of research.
  • Secondly you have to be convincing of your perfectly clear communication skills.

Remember applying for a PhD thesis is like applying for a job, you need to build a repertoire amongst the department and your juniors and impress them with you clear, focused skills.

Now let’s talk about the six main points that forms a perfect Research Proposal:

1- Give Clear Title:

What is the name or title of the topic of research? And what are the basic key words that describe your research proposal?

2- Purpose of Study:

This has to be relevant without any exaggeration and stated realistically, you should mention why the study is important and to which levels is it going to benefit the society or the subject, mention the hypothesis and your main research objectives, write about why is the research so important to you, what research gaps will your research be filling. And an assurance that the allocated time would be enough to fulfill the demands of your dissertation writing.

3- Background knowledge of the area to be studied:

In your research proposal you should clearly mention the area where research shall take place, and how does your research makes a connection with others work in the relevant field. You should mention about the key informants you would be extracting data from talk about the research findings too.

4- Approach and Methodology:

In this part you have to mention the research methods that shall be used, either you are going to follow the old methods or come up with new methods and approaches to effectively do research, how are you going to design your project in order to gain more substance from the field should also be included.

5- Main Strategy and Time Factor:

Writing a PhD thesis is different from MSc thesis, you have to define the strategies that will be followed and every year what new things are you going to be looking at? You should mention about the forth coming challenges that you might face and if and how are you ready to face them.

6- Mention Key References:

Coming down to the last part do mention the authentic references that you shall be using in your research this would show how well you have studied their work and understood it.

Out of all the above important points in writing the best research proposal the most important is point number 2 where you have to make a clear statement about the purpose of your study while mentioning its main aims and objectives.

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