You are not a victim! There are no victims on this ride called life, only participants. You are a participant in every life drama you create or co-create. Victim and victimizer are co-creators in a life drama. Both contract in a life drama, be it robber and robbed, rapist and rapee, manipulator and manipulatee, master and slave, executor and executed, abuser and abused, etc.You attract everything in your life, what you want and what you do not want. You attract what you do not want due to negation. The Universe negates all negative language (i.e. no, not, non, and don't) so when you are thinking about or saying what you don't want, i.e. "I don't want this!", the Universe is hearing you say "I want this!" and gives you this desire. Even though you do not want a thing, i.e. negative thing, it is still a desire. Your not wanting a thing is a desire nonetheless. The Universe simply answers requests regardless of what the requests may be (good or bad, negative or positive), so it is up to you to become conscious or aware of all or everything that you ask for.

Too many people today have a victim consciousness, especially in the U.S. Victim consciousness renders one powerless. It prevents one from being free. Why? Because you can't be free absent self or personal responsibility and accountability and the victim never takes responsibility or accountability for what happens to him or her in any event, situation, or circumstance. To the victim, it's always someone else's fault. The victim, in his or her mind, was innocent and thus overpowered, abused, misused, or taken advantage off and was without fault and/or didn't consent to what played out or transpired. The victim perceives that he or she was helpless in the matter, or didn't have a choice in the matter. Therefore, it is safe to say that victim-hood is predicated upon perception, and perception is not necessarily reality.

Victim-hood has created a whole new industry. The Matrix makes money off of victim-hood. There are victim hotlines, victim relief centers, and victim counseling. There are victims of natural disasters, victims of violence, victims of spousal abuse, victims of sexual abuse, victims of crime, etc. However, it is erroneous to believe that the victim of a natural disaster (i.e. brush fire) did not co-create such disaster by thoughts on the mental plane (in the present lifetime or even a past-lifetime); and as strange as it seems, receives a benefit or blessing in disguise from the disaster, perhaps on the spiritual plane. Everything that happens to you happens for a reason, a higher spiritual reason.

In every so-called victim is a victor. A victim becomes a victor when he/she realizes and accepts (1) the role he/she played in the drama and takes personal responsibility and accountability for their role in the drama (not the role of the other party, but just their role), (2) that everything that happens, happens for a reason (a higher spiritual reason), and (3) there is a valuable lesson to be extracted from the drama.

All external factors are projections or manifestations of inner scenarios or situations. The so-called victim emits a "victim" vibration which attracts to him or her a situation, event, or circumstance whereby they are victimized pursuant to desire (usually unconscious desire) to be victimized. You attract to you what you emit via your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and attitude, whether negative or positive.

The man who believes that women cannot be trusted attracts to himself relationships with women whom are not trustworthy. The woman who believes all men are dogs constantly attracts to herself relationships with men who are dogs and who reinforce her belief in that all men are dogs.The man who believes "he can't win for losing" attracts to himself situations whereby he can't win simply for losing. The Black man who has dominant beliefs that the cops always pull him over by virtue of his skin color attracts situations whereby he is pulled over by cops (White cops). It's not always skin color, but vibration.

I used to be this person who was constantly pulled over by police until I changed my thoughts, outlook, and attitude and dissipated my fear of cops. I went from being a young Black man in South Central Los Angeles who was constantly pulled over (for no apparent reason, i.e. no Vehicle Code offenses or violations, or probable cause) to not being pulled over at all. One year (1992-1993) I was pulled over nine times by Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles County Sheriffs combined. Though I was never ticketed and always released, I was never doing things outright to get pulled over, i.e. no seatbelt, speeding, illegal lane change, etc. However, during this period of my life, I was very angry and hated police officers (this was during the time of the L.A. riots, rap music featuring anti-law enforcement lyrics, i.e. Ice T's "Cop Killer", N.W.A.'s "F**k Tha Police", etc., that I used to listen to daily). My anti-cop sentiments (vibrations) were being picked up by law enforcement, those who were picking up the cop-hating and/or cop suspicious vibration of certain Blacks.

The person who believes a thing "too good to be true" attracts situations whereby he/she loses the thing "too good to be true."

The Matrix has done a number on us and we have done an even bigger number on our selves, mainly via ignorance and belief in illusions and lies. Just as man says in a legal maxim, "Ignorance of the law is no excuse, for every man is presumed to know the law," the same holds true on a higher, spiritual level. Ignorance of cosmic or universal laws is no excuse, for every man should know the cosmic or universal laws."

As long as there is a collective victim consciousness projected by the masses of the people, there will always be victimizers in the world. Always! You can't have one without the other.

You have a choice TODAY and NOW! You can either see yourself as a victim (loser) or a victor (winner). The choice is yours. The person who knows that everything that happens, happens for a reason, is a victor. The person who knows that they play a role in everything that happens to them in their life is a victor. The person that knows that there are valuable lessons to be learned from every situation, event, or circumstance in life, be it good or bad, positive or negative, is a victor.

Choose not to lose in the Game of Life! Be a victor in the Game. Choose victory! You have the freedom to do so! As soon as you take responsibility and accountability for yourself (your thoughts and actions) in any life drama, you are no longer a victim, but a victor - a POWERFUL Victor! The Victor is the inversion of the Victim.

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