Discipline is very necessary in every walk of life. For better atmosphere and everybody is given some work as their duties. Like many other things schools and colleges are divided in to classes and make sections for better administration so that works is properly distributed. Likewise, a birth chart contains 12 houses which have specific significance and tasks. The same rule is applied in horoscope or kundali. For instance the 2nd house stands for wealth, relationships with relatives, speaking ability etc. Similarly the 3rd house also has its own significance and prominence.
Now here l will discuss the significance of 3rd house in the horary chart. BhagyaSamhita says that third house in a horary chart shows the native’s brother and sister, journey, strength and change. According to Vedic astrology, Mars is the significator of this house. Forecasts can be achieved from the 3rd house of one’s horary chart if a question is asked about his/her work life. We can understand by an instance.
Everyone has some home and sibling’s sickness and wants to know make better relationships with them. If you want to know about your relationship with your brother and sister the astrologer will provide you answer by making a horary chart on the basis of the time of asking the question. Now if the question is about brother and sister the 3rd house will act like the karya (significator) house. One moresignificant thing is that as Mars is the significator of this house it will have maineffect in the horary chart.
You will have abrilliant relationship with your brother and sister if there are auspicious and strong Ascendant, lord of the Ascendant, third house, lord of the third house and Mars in the horary chart. Vedic Astrology says that auspicious planet and house in horary chart keeps good relationship with your close ones while inauspicious planet and house creates problems in relations. With thisspecified method a person not only gets information about his relationships but also can come to know answers on short term journeys and changes in his life.
Now if you want to know whether ashort distance journey will bring him good turn or not. In order to find the answer of your inquiry, position of Ascendant, lord of the Ascendant, 3rd house, lord of the 3rd house and Mars are judged in horary chart. If they are strong and auspicious then it is very good to set for a short distance journey.Moon in the 3rd house or aspect of Moon on the lord of the 3rd house increases the opportunity of success in journey. It is far and wideassumed that aspect of Moon is very important to make a task productive in the horary chart.
BhagyaSamhita gives another explanation on horary forecast which is different from Vedic astrological principles because it gives a lot of importance to Nakshatras and Planetary position. Nakshatra and Planetary movements are very important because it forecasts the answer of a question with inevitability. NakshatraBhagesh is a part of the Nakshatra and it can give a lot of information.
The above stated two methods of predicting through birth chart are very good and widely used by in all over India. An Astrologer can get answers of question from the 3rd house with hiscomment and talent from each methods discussed above. But only a talented and skilled astrologer can do that so think well before to go an astrologer.

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