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hi this is tarot sneha kamlesh
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tarot sneha
Joined: Jul 24 2010
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hi this is tarot sneha kamlesh

Sneha Kamlesh Gehlot has been a prominent Tarot card Reader, numerologist and feng shui reader . her aim to facilitate therapy and healing to as many as she can on her journey towards the next dimension. Her mission is to bring health, peace, Light and awareness to individuals and groups for attaining balance and harmony between mind, body and soul through a holistic approach.

She is One who also is god fearing, ambitious, loving, full of fun and now mystique. Tarot came to her as a calling that happened very strangely, Probably because the things that one are destined to achieve, find one although you fail to seek it. Tarot is this spiritual achievement for her.
Out of the blue one day she had A Calling. A calling about Tarot, a calling to explore and connect with the other side of one. A calling to explore the mysticism of the magical Tarot. She just randomly had this instinct that she have to read, understand and Interpret tarot. Initially it all started with her, but later to think of it, it occurred that knowledge is all about preaching and sharing , and therefore the urge to become a Tarot Reader

She has her practice in Bangalore. Over the past 3 years she has helped people in various walks of life to understand and solve their problems.
She is a active Tarot card consultant on leading sites.
she takes Telephone readings which seems as if sitting face to face and discussing ones problem.
Sneha list of client includes film stars, industrialist , professional ,businessman ,house ladies and Students.
A Commerce Graduate and has done PGD in Numerology,
PGD in Gems and Crystals, Masters in Fengshui and Chinese Astrology courses from MCV Udaipur.
call 09314184051