If you spend long hours sitting in front of the screen, here are a dozen reasons why you should stop and walk around.

The quarantine has forced us to stay at home to avoid the risk of contagion of coronavirus. Although this undoubtedly has advantages, such as not dealing with traffic and being able to shorten the hours you spent in transport, it has also resulted in long hours sitting in the dining room or living room.

It is normal for many to spend more hours than usual on a seat between the home-office and distance classes. While the body adjusts to this change in routine, the sitting posture has several negative health effects. It doesn't only cause back pain but also is the main reason for weight proven by multiple studies.

That is why, we have listed 10 consequences of sitting all day.

1) When sitting for long periods, your legs and buttocks atrophy

When in this position, your lower body atrophies, causing a loss of tone and strength, especially in the legs and buttocks.

2) Without moving, you gain weight

It sounds obvious, but science has proven that moving helps release molecules that process the sugars and fats you eat. By staying still, this process slows down, slowing down your metabolism.

3) Your hips and back "seize"

Surely you have felt your back muscles a bit tense if you do home office. This is because sitting causes the flexor in your hips to contract and can lead to compression of the back discs and chronic pain.

4) Sitting can give you anxiety and depression

Although they are often ignored, the mental effects of sitting in a chair all day cannot be minimized. In some cases, anxiety and depression could be counteracted with physical exercise.

5) Sitting all day increases your risk of cancer

Some health experts believe that being in a seat for long hours may be linked to an increased tendency for uterine, lung, and colon cancer.

6) Sitting increases the risk of cardiovascular disease

One study found that men who sat for more than 23 hours a week had a 64% higher risk of dying from cardiovascular disease than those who only spent 11 hours in front of the television.

7) Sitting for long hours increases your risk of diabetes

In one study, it was found that after five days of continuous rest, insulin resistance skyrockets, which could be considered a precursor to diabetes.

8) Sitting for hours causes varicose veins

The sitting position causes blood to pool in the legs, which can lead to varicose veins. Although not usually dangerous, varicose veins can lead to clots in some cases.

9) Deep vein thrombosis as a result of sitting

It is a blood clot that develops in the legs. When some of it breaks off, it can affect blood flow to important organs like the lungs.

10) Bad posture at home office

Sitting for long hours can also stress your back, shoulders, and neck, which can lead to poor posture and muscle pain.

It's clear that sitting for long hours hurts your body badly in different ways, and also drains out your productivity and energy. The best solution to this dilemma is a standing desk. A standing desk, or also known as a stand up desk, is a technologically advanced desk that allows you to work on your laptop while standing up. Even though these advanced desks are in their early forms, many companies have already put out very innovative standing desks that tackle many problems you face while sitting all day long. They look good, work efficiently, save us from all the problems we face by sitting all day, and come in different price ranges.

Whether you have an office set up at your home or own a traditional office, stand up desks are perfect for every situation.

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Rick Tinderman has always been interested in ergonomic life style and he now owns a small business selling sit stand desks & accessories to help customers work more healthily and productively. To get more info about workplace & home office furniture, please feel free to visit Solos standing desk.