1. There are no shortcuts to good learning: Markets are constantly changing and it may be difficult to see these changes if you do not invest in good Forex training.
  2. Avoid waiting for market peaks, learn to do trading following the trend: There are many beginners who carry out transactions in any direction. While forex trading has the potential to make a profit on highs or lows, trading in the direction of the trend will give you better trading and more chances of success.
  3. Try to trade in a demo account before making a real account: Create a demo account and use it to read and understand how to trade in Forex. By using the demo account, you can test your trading strategies and mentally prepare to trade in a real account. However, keep in mind that despite being fictitious money you should regard it as real money, to be psychologically prepared when switching to a real account.
  4. Stop searching for a magic formula: There are many companies that make money selling software that claims to predict future trends. In fact, if this type of software really worked, then these companies would not be selling it.
  5. Put the emotions aside while trading: Trading is a stressful task and you will have to overcome many obstacles until you reach your goals. Emotional trading may force you to open an order too soon and eventually lead to a loss due to a wrong entry. Control your emotions, stay calm and concentrate on your long-term goals.
  6. Prepare a trading plan before executing any order: Because trading sessions are always full of emotions, you should have a trading strategy that includes a series of rules that you have to follow in order to protect you from yourself.
  7. Simplicity is the key: Avoid complex trading strategies with a large number of different techniques. This may change your judgment and lead you to lose good trading opportunities.
  8. Do not trade when you have questions: Just because the Forex Market is online 24 hours a day does not mean you have to trade at all times. If in doubt, do not trade, analyze the market, and use your knowledge to make more profitable trades in the future.
  9. Do not risk more than you might lose: Thanks to leverage, Forex trading has great potential for profit but also a great potential for loss. As a beginner, do not risk more than 1-2% of your margin of account in any operation you do. In the long run, this will give you the chance to make more profit while reducing the possibility of loss.
  10. Review your history regularly: Develop the habit of reviewing and analyzing your good and bad operations. This will give you a better sense of what will work best in your future trading operations.
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